The Blue Ticks

“How many times have I told you not to roam around late?”

“Stop being paranoid. I am not alone but with few of my friends. Our group has males too!”

“Oh yeah and these supermen of yours are going to protect you from anything?”

“Look. Do not spoil my mood. I have come here to have fun”

“Fine! As you wish. Don’t call me if something goes wrong!”

Hanging up, the irritated lady put back the phone into her pocket and smiled at the others. The music was turned back loud and their car was traveling at 80km/hr. She was with 2 other couples. Her boyfriend could not make it as he was held up with work in the city. At least that’s what she told the others. No one knew what she told her boyfriend. Probably she used terms like own time, freedom, the wanting to hang out with friends and so on in her explanations. Nevertheless, she was there with them.

After a distance of around 100kms, the car took a turn onto a muddy road which disappeared into the woods. The music was leaking out of the car and disturbing whatever wildlife was around. Sensing the incompatibility, the ladies insisted on switching off the music. That’s when the silence kicked in and created an eerie atmosphere. All they could hear was the engine humming. All eyes were on the front, following the path of the headlights. Each one of them secretly wished to see something that would stop their hearts but nothing of that sort happened and they finally reached their destination.

A beautiful farmhouse that had a well-groomed garden in the front with a fountain in the middle. The entire setup was contemporary. The sight of it brought comfort in everybody’s minds and hearts. Jumping out of the vehicle, everyone grabbed their luggage and ran into the house with excitement.

“Let’s get into the pool first, chill and then probably start off with the drinks”

“Nah. Let’s do both! I always wanted to have drinks in a pool”

“Stop arguing and start with something. Let’s not waste time!”

2 hours pass

He was almost sleeping when his phone buzzed. Drowsily, he picked up to see a message from her.

R: “Listen. Something weird is happening here in the farmhouse”

S: “Stop joking and let me sleep. You asked your space, so let me have mine”

R: “I am damn serious! Someone is walking around the house. Everyone else is sleeping”

S: “Great! So go wake one of your superman up and catch the intruder”

R: “You think I didn’t do that? Everyone is drunk dead! Why do you think I messaged you?”

S: “Listen. You are imagining things. Am sure you had a few to drink too. Call me”

R: “I can’t reach you. Don’t know why. There he is again. I can see some movement in the trees!”

S: “Stop kidding me. Even if he’s really there, what can I do from here? I am so far off”

R: “Quit your logic already and help me out here. Please. Now I can hear footsteps”

S: “Is it a male or a female? Females are easier to bring down”

R: “What the hell is wrong with you!!? Does gender matter now? Do you even care?”

S: “Ok! Fine! Just relax now. Go to most inaccessible part of the house right away.”

R: “What about my friends? What if he does something to them?”

S: “Are you going to listen to me now or not?”

R: “Fine. I am moving to the store room in the kitchen”

She stealthily moves to the kitchen and picks up a knife on the way for protection. Opening the door to the store, she gets into a corner with her new found weapon ready. Although, she had locked the door, she did not want to take any chances. She lay there for quiet sometime counting the minutes when she sees the door knob moving. Someone was trying to open it slowly without making a noise.

Her head started reeling with her heart beating faster and breathing getting heavier: How the hell did he know I was here? How did he even get in? Did he hurt my friends? What if he comes inside somehow? What do I do? Thoughts raced her mind like never before. Breathing in shorts, she tried to calm down and analyze the situation. If he really got that far, he must have dealt with her friends already. No wait! They are all knocked out. Probably, he just walked past them without any effort at all. But how does he know I am awake? Is he some enemy of mine? That guy I humiliated a few months back? No. No. He is too timid. Why is he targeting me only? Is it even a male in the first place like ‘S’ said? What if it is that jealous newcomer from work? She definitely looked like a psycho! But who could have leaked my plan to her? Does she even have the guts to follow me all the way here so late in the night? Whoever it might be, this person is definitely not a well-wisher. He or she is here to hurt me and only me! God what do I do? I cannot sit here forever! Will shouting scare him away? What if this person is not alone? I will just lead all of them to me and my friends. I better handle this myself. Oh God! What am I even doing here?

She felt the only way to handle the situation was to face this person. The force on the knob was increasing. She leaned against the wall next to the door and started silently towards it.

R: “I am going to take this guy head on. Wish me all the best!”

Clicking the knob open, she lets the person in and stabs him repeatedly in his back as he falls to the floor and retreats back to the corner panting. Staring at the hooded figure in the other corner, she feels her phone buzz. Excitedly she pulls it out to find a message from S.

S: “Haha. It’s me honey! Open the door! I missed you. Sorry for scaring you!”

The two ticks next to the message she sent hadn’t turned blue.