Guest Contributions


The first of the guest contributions on my blog. This one called ‘Anticipation’ by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra is a beautiful read about the chemistry between newly weds! Go ahead and read it.

A Writeup by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra, Edited and Proofread by Raghuveer Kovuru

“We have to do something extraordinary, something out of the box”, said Harsh to his boisterous wife. Anjali, ever cheerful and excited spoke with her hands stretched, as if she had enough of her husband’s planning and told Harsh not to worry as she had something on her mind.

Anjali and Harsh were magicians but poor; they had to come out with an act that would help stabilize their life; and they were already behind schedule. They performed at various places and stages, but understood very well that the audience wanted something new, as they were bored watching the same clichéd tricks over and over again!

Anjali mechanically repeated every word after Harsh, “What is magic?” “It is making people believe something that is not true” “What is the truth?” “It is science, the pillars on which magic stands”…

Today was an important day for the newlyweds as it marked the beginning of their tryst with the world, so Harsh desperately wanted to try something new. Even Anjali’s cheerful, optimistic, bubbly and lively nature was not helping him. He was always trapped into a never ending abyss of thoughts about their future and the future of their art.

Anjali’s role today was to immerse herself into a cuboidal box filled with water; her hands and legs tied and to come out alive. The couple practiced this common trick more than a hundred times, but Anjali’s fate was not so good today, or so it seemed. As soon as she drowned into water, like a skilled worker she set into motion trying to untie the rope from her hands and legs. Suddenly amidst Harsh smiling towards the audience with his hands waving periodically, Anjali suddenly started beating the glass wall with all her might-something was wrong, very wrong.

It was evident she could not untie herself- the audience went into a shock, paralyzed with fear. Harsh could think of nothing- his mind went blank as he anticipated the worst, he kept murmuring about the type of knot he tied on her , did he mistakenly tie the wrong knot? Was it even remotely possible? It was their sacrosanct, their secret…

Nooooo…!, Harsh cried out beating the thick glass wall with his bare hands!  The audience present there gasped out in shock, some crying out seeing the situation at hand, some covering their eyes and mouth in anticipation about what was going to happen next. At that moment it seemed that fate had brought Anjali to the confluence of life and death. Harsh desperately began his frantic search for something to break the glass with  and brought a steel rod from the backstage.

Anjali’s limp body fell on the ground after Harsh broke the glass cuboid with great effort. Hurriedly he took Anjali by her head and arms and gave her a full CPR, but in vain. Minutes went on and all the audience were stunned and dumbfounded when suddenly Anjali threw her arms upwards and shouted “7 minutes 49 seconds, ladies and gentlemen!!! Thank you for watching our new trick!”

The audience roared out with applause and cheered at the unbelievable prestige. Even Harsh was dumbfounded at what just happened! There Anjali lying on Harsh’s lap spoke very softly, almost whispering, I told you I had a plan-and closed her eyes smiling.

© All Rights Reserved. 2014. Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra. This is not my piece of work and is only a reproduction of the work by Biswadeep Ghosh Hazra. All credit to this work goes to him rightfully and wholly.