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THE Theory

Sometimes conversations can be real eye openers. And especially the illogical ones, the ones that we have for fun or just to pass time lead to some startling revelations. Such was the one I had with a friend of mine recently. I would like to summarize our conversation in the following paragraphs in the simplest form I can as it can get quite confusing and sound like gibberish. Nevertheless, there is some pinch of sense in it somewhere, if you make the effort to find it.

Man is the most superior being on this planet and in our solar system (at this point of time, we are assuming that there is no other intelligent life form out there in our star system). And he is under the constant assumption and belief that he will live forever, which is justified by the rapid strides he has been making in terms of healthcare, technology and survival. As long as another species turns out to be suddenly more intelligent overnight, the probability of which is zero, this holds good. So, in his world, man is the strongest, the most intelligent and has good and bad in him. We shall discuss more about the good and bad angle to man. He is capable of love and massacre, sympathy and hatred, giving life and taking life. So just like matter and antimatter, light and dark and all the other antonymous elements, he has the fiercest good and bad in him.

Now, let’s take the case of a lion. A lion hunts its prey and devours it to satisfy its hunger. That might sound like a bad act for the prey or for a human. But a lion was just living its life and being good. It had no intention of hurting anyone unnecessarily unless it is a case of self-protection which could be considered bad. Even if a lion is shot dead, its meat would serve as dinner for some other being. The concept of good still stands strong even in its death. The entry of man into a lion’s world turns things bad both for him and the lion based on whoever wins (again the bad in the lion’s world being a man’s perception).

How about another example but this time a non-living being like a chair. A chair as such is not designed to be bad. It is created to serve its purpose of providing comfortable seating. We cannot think of any bad that it could do on its own. Probably, the only harm it could cause is breaking down under a person when it’s used beyond its potential. However, it could be thrown on someone else to hurt them. So again, man has influenced the world of a chair by introducing bad into it.

No other being is designed or intelligent enough to cause harm or be bad except for a human being. He is so intelligent that he is both good and bad. In the above two cases, man has entered the worlds of a lion and a chair and introduces bad into them which was literally non-existent previously. We take the case of man as he is the species with utmost intelligence and survival instincts. Probably, if a superior being entered the world of humans, things would be different. We never know how the boat would sway but as per our understanding and experience out of the examples above, we will succumb to that superior species.

Thus, based on our conversation, we had come up with a very peculiar theory which goes as follows:

“Any object or living being devoid of intelligence cannot be bad on its own, in its own world, until and unless an external force is applied or introduced by a species of superior intelligence”

Let’s try to apply the theory to nature. Nature is alive, possesses extreme survival instincts and evolves continuously. When man enters its world, he introduces bad in form of greenhouse gases, pollution, industrial leaks, contamination, etc. and destroys nature or affects it in such a way that it retaliates and kills millions in the form of catastrophes. But what if nature is just evolving as per man’s actions? It is just trying to live in different man made conditions and doesn’t mean harm as such. So the theory applies again!

Think about this post, let me know your thoughts and comments on where the theory can fail or if it is wrong, why and so on. Would love to exchange thoughts on this topic. It is really thought provoking!


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