Experience !!, The Truth..

I am, I was

My brain tricks me into thinking that I am what I was. But, I definitely know that I was which is not what I am. Maybe, me being my sole observer, think that there is no difference, whatsoever! But what about others? Well, I tried asking a few of my close friends whether there was any change in me. Not physical, but something more emotional and from an attitude perspective. They do not seem to find any difference except for the fact that I have shorter tempers which anyways is dependent on their behavior or an outcome of my age!

What I am now might soon become what I was. Likewise, What I was is actually What I am for another What I was. So you get it right? It is a continuous cycle. Of course, there are some specimens who are What I am is What I am forever. They don’t change. They don’t learn. They rot in their own acid of ignorance and die a crappy death.

Now, is it possible for us to devise a set of rules that will help us lead an ideal life? Like, there are no changes in the way you think, perceive, act and respond? Or is it absolutely necessary for one to experience things in life, such that he is constantly evolving? It is funny to think about. I really wonder as to how much I have changed. While I might talk about some ideologies to a group of people, I know deep in my head that I do not believe it. Now, what are the reasons for the same? I do not know. I have never paid enough attention to how I have changed as a person.

Yes, I have been observing certain changes like better experience, subtle way of handling people, increased knowledge and so on. But that’s not the only change. There is some change at an emotional level. And you just find reasons to justify the change or reasons to justify that you haven’t changed. It is a paradox you see! You want to be different, but do not want to be so different as to be ousted from the social groups. So be as subtle as to be different but still stating it as an opinion rather than a fact. And then there are the highly educated lot who just fall into the social trap and want to imitate others to be different! How paradoxical is that?

Well, I think I am no position to judge someone else while I myself am confused to the core! Fool someone else and if you fail, fool yourself. What a game man! If you get killed, you can always reset.

No wonder someone said, ignorance is bliss!


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