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Out of Body

Eight members were seated around a large spherical table in a meeting room with slick metallic walls. All of them were dressed in grayish white. They were staring at a large screen with lot of data on it. Gloom affected their expression deeply.

“I have been around for 60 years now in this LIMBO and I seriously need answers”

“All of us do! Any insight into those recent flashes that a few of us have been experiencing?”

“Nothing yet. It’s just gibberish. A mix of old memories and pieces from random dreams molded together”

Beyond those heavy doors, hundreds of feet away, a man was running through the maze of steampunk to deliver his discovery to the leaders. He knew what those flashes meant and he was extremely excited about finding the answer to their existence. He picked up pace and was getting closer to his destination. As he was about to cut a corner, the front of a large metal object rams him in the face and brings him to the ground. A pair of hands drag him into an oblivious corner and stab him repeatedly in his throat till he breathes no more. His body is then thrown into the vacuum chute to be transported to an unknown location.

It was a world with no entry nor exit. People did not age. Everyone started as a single person and ended up falling in love with someone. Women could not conceive. There were very few kids who had no parents. Nobody knew who the first person to be was. New members mysteriously turned up once in a while with no knowledge of their past or whereabouts. It became a way of life. And then there were these rebels who wanted no answers and eliminated anyone who did find any. They were hidden and spread across the population. You could not call them a menace but the leadership did not know what their objective was.

He watched the dead man’s body being transported through a glass tube in a distance as he washed his hands off the blood in his private quarters. He was one of the rebels. A few years back, he had those flashes repeatedly. He spent years sketching what his mind’s eye had seen and tried to connect all of them together to find THE answer. The walls of his quarters were completely covered with these sketches and united, he had the story. But, it wasn’t the answer he was looking for. He felt that it was better that the leadership did not know about it. And hence, he turned into a rebel and joined the force.

12 Years Ago

The kid hated the place. He hated the rebels even more. He would have never guessed that the answers he sought meant nothing and he would turn into a rebel too! He came as a 4 year old and knew nothing about his father or mother. The first thing that his eyes saw was that insane world. And then a few years later, the flashes started happening. Flashes of two parents holding their newborn, a kid running around happily, his first word, his mom tickling him and so on. It was but natural for an orphaned kid to dream about something that he doesn’t possess. But, the flashes became more intense and he started being an integral part of them.

He spent years sketching those flashes and gluing them together. And then one night, it all came back to him: ‘Nathan was a 4year old kid who lived happily with his parents. His father was a journalist and his mother was a teacher. They loved Nathan dearly and would go to any extent to protect him. Everything was happy till Nathan was 4 but things started turning for the worse in the town they lived. The rebels were getting stronger with their demands and wanted to pull down the ruling government at any cost. On one such day, Nathan was playing outside his house as usual, but wandered off with the other kids into farther alleys to be caught up in a riot. Terrified, he tries to find his way back home but in vain. As he keeps running away from the crowd, he accidentally lands up in fire bombs and catches fire. The poor little kid burns slowly, crying and shrieking in pain, while the rebels stamp all over him, paying no attention to his little body and shouting slogans. Nathan breathes his last breath but could still see the sky and was writhing in pain. And that’s when he watched two supernatural hands pick him up and take him into the depths of the sky. He could see his burnt body lying there stamped into the ground, his face unrecognizable.’

The Present

The man who was stabbed in the throat by Nathan is reborn.


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