Experience !!, The Truth..

A Better Place?


There has been no time better than this for planet Earth. Technological advancements, no world wars, space exploration and what not! These are the golden times! Really? Do you think so? Let’s look at some happenings recently:

  1. More people get killed in the US by mass shootings than terrorism attacks. Nearly 300 mass shootings took place in 2015 and there are still 3 months to go
  2. Even the richest of the Chinese cannot afford clean air. Beijing and Shanghai are covered with such thick smog that it’s been ages since anyone there has seen a clear blue sky
  3. Militant groups beheading innocent people and destroying ancient structures for fun. And to add to that, 1000s of westerners joining these group to support the so called HOLY WAR!
  4. A man is not even allowed to eat food of his choice in India. He is dragged out of his house, losing all dignity and lynched before his own family. Actions based on mere rumors
  5. People around the world take justice in to their own hands. They use social media to defame, humiliate and scar lives of probable innocents
  6. Countries which have super-insane hyperinflation and cannot survive even on international loans are still run by dictators who are the root cause in the first place
  7. Highly educated doctors illegally poach animals in Africa to display their heads to elite friends and socialites in million dollar homes in the US
  8. Automobile corporations trusted for sustainability are found to be cheating on emission tests
  9. Pharmaceutical companies forgot their original purpose to hike prices of crucial drugs by 5000% to watch people suffer
  10. A man who cared about privacy and leaked crucial information about government programs is in exile and has to hide to protect his skin
  11. Nigeria has ample natural resources to be called a rich nation but is submerged in utter poverty
  12. Media which is only worried about TRPs and concentrates on useless, worthless garbage, portrays the wrong side of things
  13. Little kids drowning, trying to cross seas in search for better & peaceful livelihood
  14. Economic wars between countries by imposing irrelevant policies, dumping excessive goods and exchange dilution and artificial hikes
  15. Millions of acres of rain forests that can never be replaced are wiped out regularly to accommodate industries, golf courses and gated communities

And the list will go on and on…

And what are we worried about? The release of the new iPhone6s? We are doomed. We ourselves have created the first ripple of apocalypse. Maybe, that’s one reason why we are rejoicing the discovery of water on mars.



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