Experience !!, The Truth..

Stop Cribbing. Start Acting.

We take a lot from society. And this happens both consciously and unconsciously. It is human nature to seek support and comfort when one is in need. But sadly, most of us tend to forget people that have helped us, teachers that have taught us, the towns that have nurtured us once we make it big!

On the other hand, there are some who give back to society in unique ways. These are people who are not in a technological trance nor those hypnotized by modern capitalism. They are the unsung heroes from the recesses of Indian society that want to change how we live. They remind us of true human instincts, compassion, empathy and the need to connect at a social level.

These men and women are not limelight hoggers nor are they celebrities. They seek no attention in particular. They are like you and me in this urban chaos. They walk amongst the same crowds and drive through the same traffic jams. But one thing differentiates them from us. They ACT. We CRIB.

We do not realize the power of will nor the power of a collective to bring about change but they do. We can only complain about the injustice, the misdoings and inequality around us but we never make an attempt to change anything. Is it lack of time? Or a lack of inspiration? How do WE become SOMEONE like them?

Can a pinch of inspiration and some interaction with them help? Maybe! We are not sure! But there’s no harm in trying.

With this in mind, Co.Lab.Orate Coworking, Hyderabad’s first community coworking space, introduces INFLUENCER SERIES, a non-profit event, which aims to identify unsung heroes in the recesses of society and bring them to the forefront by engaging them with a larger crowd and speak about their experiences. On the other side, it is an opportunity for us normal beings to become someone greater by getting truly inspired by such superheroes!

If you think it’s high time that you gave back something to society, register now and get influenced!


Note: The INFLUENCER SERIES is being held on the 5th of September, 2015, at Alliance Francaise of Hyderabad, Road no.3, Banjara Hills.


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