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Drunk Thoughts

I sit in this room with four walls. A desk beneath my laptop and a chair underneath me. Wherever I look, I just see concrete. I hear some voices in a distance. Maybe, some drunks discussing over girls. This is a weekend right. Such things are normal. I try to distract my mind away from this shit. How do I? Do I have an answer?

My imagination is a powerful tool. But do I have the strength to use it now? The voices from the outside seem louder. Maybe, they are fighting over a girl. Don’t they understand there are more fish in the sea? Anyway, I don’t care. Close your eyes dude. Maybe you can cook up the girl of your dreams right in front of you! Society? Fuck, these guys outside are penetrating my thought process. Can I hear a girl humming? Is she singing out to me?

Yeah, actually I can hear a song. Its a song about honey bees being blind but still able to find a flower of their choice. Is it some analogy to meet that person you love no matter what? Nonsense! I am drunk! Why the fuck are these songs so influencing? I am talking about the song in my head! Oh crap, these guys are making too much noise! Should I just go kick their ass or give into the illusion of love that I am experiencing?

What do you want honey? Tell me and I will give it to you! This world swings like the pendant around your neck. And I swing like a doll to your love. I know you are out there for me. I might feel lonely but I know you are always there for me. Do you have a cure for these hiccups? Why do I feel like I am singing? Singing with hiccups is bad. I feel cold suddenly. Let me have look outside. Oh shit, it’s cloudy! It’s going to rain. I don’t remember whether you like rain or not! Do you? I love the rain. Yeah, I am a man and like to get drenched. Are you worried about getting sick? You have recently been sick and its not good getting wet. So, don’t! Maybe, some other time.

Do you remember Earl’s Secret? On top of that hill? I am sure you do. It was freezing cold and you were more comfortable while my ass was shivering! Love your love for me and your patience for my shit. These hiccups don’t seem to let go of me! Do I have water with sugar? Or maybe scare myself to death?

Are you there? Can you hear me? Seems like you have slept.

Ok. Goodnight. Talk to you tomorrow.

I closed my laptop and joined the guys talking about a girl.


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