The Ghost

He knew that if he wouldn’t take the pill, he would die a brutal death. His chest ripped open would hurt a lot. We humans are not worried about dying. We do not want to feel pain. So he knew the pill was a better option. The suicide note that he had written was trying to free itself from under the bottle of pills.

Suddenly, a pang of courage overcomes him and he gulps down the pill without the aid of water. He turns towards the window and smiles feverishly. “Thank you” comes the reply from the shadows.

The investigating officer was puzzled over the contents of the letter. A ghost asked him to do this? He knew it was utter nonsense. Something was not right. How in the world can a ghost force a person to write a suicide note and also provide him with a bottle of pills? Someone was covering up their tracks very intelligently.

He read the letter over again and stopped his eyes upon a sentence – ‘I am dying a death similar to Rajan….’ He quickly draws up some files searching for any Rajan that had committed suicide in the last few years. To his surprise, he finds a 24year old man by the name Rajan who had committed suicide in a similar fashion stating a ghost as the reason. It did not make sense. Two unrelated people staying 150kms apart commit suicide, both die consuming a pill and mention a ghost in their suicide letter!

The officer thinks there might be something bigger happening. Over a week, he tries to search for similar suicides across India by contacting different jurisdictions. He sits to identify any pattern that would lead him to some explanation through metrics like distance between victims, ages, how the victims died, content of suicide letters and so on. Shockingly, he finds that nearly 8 people have died in a similar fashion in the last 2 years. All he had to do now was to find a connection between these 8 men. Leaving for the day, he asks the shift constable to pull bios of all the 8 victims by the next morning.

He drives back to his official quarters, freshens up, dines and retires to his bedroom. The officer had the habit of reading a book before going to bed. He walks to his table and stumbles back in shock at the sight of a bottle of pills on his table. He hears some hissing from the dark corners of his bedroom.

“Who’s there? I am a police officer! I will shoot you dead!”

There was no reply. Just the hissing. He tries to reach for this revolver in the drawer but is pushed by some unknown force into his chair. Now the reality of the situation seeps into the officer and he starts to panic and sweat.

“Whooo….whoo ar….e…you? Are you the” stammers the officer. He faintly hears a hissing laugh. He tries his best to identify some form in the corner. The room felt insanely cold in midsummer.

“Are you going to kill me? Why did you kill those 8 men? At least let me know the reason!” cried the officer. He was a bachelor and no one could hear his cries. His eyes were blurry and he was losing breath. He knew it was his end. He knew how you had to consume the pill or your chest would be ripped apart!

Trembling with fear, he writes down a suicide letter and consumes the pill. With some life left him in, he musters a few words and questions, “Wh..o… Why ar..e you this..?” and drops dead.

A man calmly walks out of the shadows towards the fallen body and whispers into its ears, “Because ghosts have no reasons!”


P.S. Thanks to Abhishek Sagar for the source of inspiration!



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