Imagine ()

I was

I know I need to get to the end. But how is it possible with all the hurdles in between? There is a pit full of thorns which is followed by shards of glass sprinkled all over the ground and to top it all, a river of lava. I could feel the heat of the flow, all the way here. Its brightness lighted up my face and the environment around. The shards of glass turned orange with the reflections and the thorns cast longer shadows every time the waves jumped around the corners.

And what is at that end? I do not know. My heart is not filled with expectation but my mind is full of worthless anticipation. That’s how my brain tricks me always. Go a little further and life will take a wonderful turn! I won’t be fooled by you anymore! You bloody moron! Well, maybe I just would be.

I stood at the edge of the pit with tears in my eyes. Just the thought of the pain was enough to break me mentally. A weirdly enthusiastic track was playing on in the background – “Now we got holes in our hearts, and we got holes in our lives, but we carry on!” A wonderful trick to push me on! Holes? Hopes?

My first step into the pit sent tens of thorns into my foot. They pierced right through to the top. While the shards had orange for themselves, the thorns wanted crimson. Why disappoint them? Walk forward and paint them red! Fall to your knees and cover yourself up fashionably. Why let my arms alone? I lifted myself up and carried on. I looked like a walking thorn monster. Here comes the next ride!

Stumbling, I walked through the shards, falling, lifting myself, as small and big shards pierced my body, until it looked like some crystals were growing out of me. At a point, I tripped and feel hard on a large shard which sliced through my skin and broke right through my ribs. I guess it just missed puncturing my right lung! A little pain is painful. What is a lot of pain? It’s nothing!

Hahaha! The river of lava was inviting me. I was already half dead. As I stepped into it, smiling, I could sense my feet vaporizing into smoke. I tried walking forward but I was being pushed with the current and downwards. I couldn’t feel my feet anymore. Only my bust was above the surface, which was also slowly disintegrating. Once, I reached the point of burning my head, there was no more thinking.

Maybe, I just wished, if I even had the chance to, that a speck of my hair reached the other bank.

I was something. I was anything. I was nothing.


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