The Truth..

Murphy’s Law


Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong”  is the Murphy’s Law. Another positive alteration is “Whatever can happen, will happen

We wish for many things to happen, our dreams to come true, but again the law applies here. Only if it can happen, it will happen. Does it mean that, YOU or WE can make it happen? And hence, it will happen. Is this ‘WILL‘ related to our WILLPOWER? Or does it mean that, you just sit back and relax, and if it can happen, it will anyways happen?

Mathematician Augustus De Morgan wrote on June 23, 1866 that whatever can happen will happen if we make trials enough! This again brings us back to the question of effort and perseverance.

Look at the picture above. What is the instance that is most likely to happen? Maybe some, maybe all but growing old is definitely going to happen! How fitting is this law to human life! Death can happen and will happen! Everything else is superficial. Maybe, Augustus’s theory of making a lot of trials would help in the positive outcomes of other instances too.

Inevitability: Whether you achieve your dreams or not, sleep well at night or not, meet that soul-mate or not, you will grow old. Days will pass, time will fly, hearts will be broken, memories will fleet, but nothing is going to stop. The end of the path is the same for everyone – that homeless beggar around the corner or a billionaire in his Rolls Royce, both end up being buried in the same ground.

I think Murphy’s law is about Inevitability. While the destination is inevitable, maybe the journey could be a lot more honest and rewarding. When people realize that their wealth, greed and egos don’t alter the end, they could live more meaningful lives. ‘Living in the present‘ has been grossly misunderstood. It’s not about materialism. It’s more about contentment. But, we give in to peer pressure and the sly tactics of capitalists. Here’s another comic I had come across, that shows how talented we could be and would not want to accept that fact!


And life also has its fair share of shit. And some people get loads of it. Some succumb to the pressure and some suffer till the end to become emotionless zombies. Here again, whatever can happen, will happen. Shit can and will happen. Imagine your brain bolstered non-stop by curses, blasphemies, demotivation and discouragement! If the docs operated on your brain, maybe they would find craters!

On a lighter note, did you know that there is an Indian version of Murphy’s law? It is the Uncle/Aunty’s Law. It goes this way: “Whatever happens, happens for our own good!” It tries to emulate Murphy’s law but in a very different way. It might also mean this: “Everything will happen, so let it happen“. That’s too wide a definition! It’s all inclusive. There is no element of choice involved, in whatsoever way.

Finally, if “Whatever can happen, will happen” success, peace, freedom and happiness can too. Did I forget to mention wealth? Well, that’s on purpose, as it does not qualify to be among the leading reasons to live.

– Stop making a living, start living


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