Valley of Flowers


I have seen your pictures. I have heard about you from others. I dreamt about you. I longed to sleep in your lap. You remind me of that little girl Heidi. The cheerful and bubbly little one, who pushed the invalid, Klara, in her wheelchair, up and down the valleys of the Alps.Just like her, you are always cheerful and happy and in tandem with nature! The wildlife loves you. I am surprised at the way you can attract animals and treat them like your kids. That tender hand of yours splits the low passing cloud into two. You lean against the high rising cliffs and dream about beauties and never-land. Aren’t you a beauty yourself? Your reflection on the clear blue sky is proof enough.

I imagine your breath filled with the fragrance of a thousand flowers. Flowers of blue, green, yellow, red and purple. You fill the mountain air with an unbelievable aura. You let the tiny little streams pass beneath your feet without disturbing them. Have you ever gone to the edge and seen how these streams turn into a full fledged river and then topple down into the valleys below as a waterfall?

You are so down to earth and humble. You let others admire your beauty, but you never boast about it. Come August and September, and the form that you take is breath taking! Two eyes aren’t enough I suppose. I know you will stay pristine and pure as ever, like the goddesses, with minimal intrusion.

Oh, I dream about you everyday! I long to see you everyday! I just don’t get the time to meet you. But I promise you that, one day I will come. Come to be embraced by you. That’s a promise, Valley of Flowers!


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