Experience !!, The Truth..

Responsibility? My @$$ !!

Take a look around you. Everything is in excess. There is greed, money, homes, cars, expensive clothing, and jewelry. Power and influence are things that are used by a handful of people. Skewed distribution of wealth has been heatedly debated over by economists. Specific measures like employment guarantee, basic right to education and amenities, restructuring of land policies surely help in tackling uneven distribution. And then there are subsidies, provided on such a massive level, that the government’s coffers take a heavy beating. Some old school economists argue against subsidies, citing them to be the reason for lethargy in farmers. Then again, I would not like to discuss the pros and cons of subsidies. I would like to discuss more about individual responsibility.

What is exactly happening to us? Did we ever try to understand things on a macro-economic level? Rather, we rejoice and dance over the reduction in fuel prices along with granny or we sit in a corner and sulk at why we could not afford that latest iPhone! What you save on price reduction, you are spending on unnecessary bullcrap! That includes Chetan Bhagat’s ‘Half Girlfriend’ although it is just priced at Rs.126! People take out mass parades against high prices of essential commodities or trash the related ministry for not doing a good job! Even parties are voted out on economic factors and those who promise change are voted in. There’s nothing they can do! When will you understand that? It is a mix of nice fiscal and monetary moves coupled with market movements assisted with global changes and then finally consumer spending. You spend like there’s no tomorrow, that’s what also drives prices. Haven’t you learnt that in college? So, either short supply or excessive demand shoots up prices. There’s only little that the government can do. What you should have learnt in the last few sentences is that, you are making someone else’s life miserable in two ways:

  1. Your purchase of essential goods beyond what is required makes them unaffordable to someone else.
  2. You just out rightly, brainlessly, shamelessly spent money on something that you might not actually require! For example, a damn IPhone!

I pick the case of an IPhone because I think it is just a bloody fad and a highly priced one at it. Let us take a more generalized example like Hundis in all the major temples in India. We rather bribe the lord to give us more money and better lives rather than spend it on the poor. No pun intended. This is aimed at all the major money churning institutions of all faiths! You save an additional 7000 bucks out of your salary this month, why not go buy some accessory right? Ever thought of contributing to some orphanage or to a child’s education? I am not generalizing. Neither am I telling that I am Mahatma and no one else is.

Capitalism and Consumerism are the culprits. It’s all about the money, honey! Literally! You wouldn’t even find a good spouse if you weren’t a money making machine nowadays. While governments ease policies to let in private players to boost the economy on par with global standards, they indirectly are selling the nation’s souls to corrupt and greedy corporates who will bolster and torture and irritate and nag you about their products till you buy them! Here comes in consumerism!

As a famous saying goes: “We buy things that we don’t need, with money that we don’t have, to please people we don’t know”. You can say, that it is your hard earned money and you can do whatever you like with it! Absolutely, yes you can. No argument about that. But then again, aren’t we responsible enough to give back to society what we have taken from it? If you think you landed your first job all because of your own worth, very sorry to reveal the fact that you haven’t! Many people around you willing, consciously and unconsciously have taken you to the position you are in. Hard reality that is unacceptable.

And yeah, education! What good does it do to build character and conscience? Is that even part of our curriculum? Education is again only an entry into some 24/7 365 organization that will suck the life out of you. This I state, when a professor of a reputed institution can murder his own kids! If you think, that you are educated and way better than all those bloody villagers (yeah, that’s what we call them), sorry you are not! You are even worse! Ignorance is bliss. At least you get to follow your heart! You wouldn’t be worrying about how to buy that next car and cry over your colleague’s smart phone.

‘Antilla’ stands high with 4 family members (fatsos!) along with 600 regular and non-regular staff in don’t know how many floors while in the same city, 50% of the people live in slums. Now that’s conscience for you? That’s giving back to society? I am still wondering why no one has questioned Antilla? Oh yeah, I forgot, the government itself is controlled by them. And Hello, celebrity! I don’t care if you show off, cleaning garbage voluntarily to promote ‘Svacch Bharath’. I sometimes might be sensible enough to do it, but I wouldn’t anyway! How’s that for revenge?

I am a true Indian. I crib about everything but I do nothing! Yeah, I am sometimes capable of carrying candles to a major landmark when something really bad happens (my heart strings pulled). Or I read the news and curse the inefficiency of the government or feel like killing those murderers, rapist and fundamentalists, but I am too busy with my job! Do you know that I still wear my corporate ID card while sleeping?

Responsibility? Concern? Macro-economics? ROFL. ROFLMAO.


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