Experience !!, The Truth..

The Blind, The Dumb & The Deaf

There are some who crib about physically handicapped getting reservations in several areas of life. Their argument is justifiable to some extent as there are some who are handicapped and request no sympathy and special treatment. However, the complete elimination of a reservation will put their community at the risk of being trampled and pushed back into the dark alleys of our corrupt society. I shall leave that debate for another day for now. So, I am strongly for a reservation for the physically handicapped, especially when a majority of us fall into that category unconsciously. Surprised? Yes, we do! We are all blind, dumb and deaf, sometimes simultaneously, sometimes in succession and at other times interchangeably.

Blind, dumb and deaf to the things that happen around us. They may be good or bad. We are all lost in some day dreams (which by the way require none of the senses mentioned in this writeup) that will never be realized, if there is any kind of potential left in them. A  very paradoxical circumstance, with the most important of our senses perfectly functional but our inability to use them for the common good. How true we are to our animal instincts, that we completely refuse to use our eyes, mouth and ears for anything more than watch/see (violence & porn), eat/speak (junk food, complain and hate) and listen/hear (traffic noises, rumors, bad advices, death metal) respectively.

That is all fine whatsoever. I can be immune to whatever is happening between the 4 walls of their homes. But once they step out, don’t the things that happen around them arouse any kind of emotion or response? For a matter of fact, even in their homes, they have the stupid box with news channels that you lost count of, with their overly enthusiastic reporters, who can blow anything out of proportion. They have the godly ability of turning a chicken pooping into a world disaster. And, like catching a cold, the entire week, you are shown only chicken poop! If not for anything, I respect the reporters energy and their artificially constructed dumbness.

OK, so, your neighbor beats up his wife every other day, for something as stupid as the lack of salt in his dinner. You can hear them. But you deny it. Now, even the deafest of the deaf is lesser deafer than you. They can’t hear and do nothing about it and you can hear and prefer not to do anything about it. Likewise, a group of slum kids are seen harassing a little stray pup. They tie a string around its neck and fling it around in circles while the poor thing is yelping in intense pain, while you walk along, all dressed in neat formals, carrying a HP laptop bag, towards your designated cab waiting point! On top of that, you smile with content at how beautiful this world is and how wonderful kids are. Just a look at their playfulness and smiles takes away all the stress of life.

Let’s take another case. You have a date at 7’o clock on a Friday evening and you are packing up all your stuff to leave work, when your boss suddenly calls you to his room. He lets you know of an important task that has to be cleared of immediately, without which, the company is going to go bankrupt overnight! And you foolishly, also think the same. You never say anything back expect for the word, Yes Sir! While you curse your luck and sit on the task, you see your boss locking up his room and leaving for the day, whistling his favorite tune.

On the same lines, let us consider the following:

1. Conspiring with a corrupt public official

2. Bearing the brunt of a utterly senseless and dominating boyfriend

3. Watching and enjoying two people quarrel on the road

4. Listening to your neighbors fight it out and increase your TV volume to quell the noise

5. Let someone park their car in your space while you park yours outside

6. Watch people jump queues and wait for someone else to question them

7. Honking like a retard seeing quite well that the traffic light is still red

8. Displaying communal dominion on poor and weaker sections

9. Letting our protectors, the police force, take advantage of us

When was the last time, you or me did anything about such stuff? The list will go and on and on. Although, they might seem very trivial, they are everyday happenings in communities, villages, towns and cities. An accumulation of all of them together makes it no more trivial. It is our fundamental duty to ensure peaceful living. Not only our own but also that of others. All things living. But no, we are least bothered about anything that is unrelated to you. Why should we bother? He will solve it on his own and its none of my business. What if the same would have happened to you? Would you seek some divine intervention then? As long as our lives are peaceful, we would not care! We definitely wouldn’t. Only when the issue assumes a blanket nature, would we all rise up as a group. Why not nip the issue in its bud rather than letting it thrive and take a mammoth form?

If all of us could as individuals be able to solve the minor problems that arise around us, we would need lesser government intervention. India is a vast country with a huge population and you cannot blame the legislature completely. Practice before you preach. Show them that you are an ideal citizen and demand the same attributes from them. When you yourself suck at it, how can you expect your representatives to bring about any kind of change? They are equally blind, dumb and deaf! Let not the system change you. I once heard from a government official, that everyone enters public service as a honest lad but soon gives into the system. Then I asked him whether he was pointing fingers at the public at large? He said of course yes! You elect the government and you can also topple one. He was of the opinion that the machinery runs on human intellect and conscience. Clear conscience is clear governance. After that, I learned not to blame our government unnecessarily before understanding the facts behind the case.

Finally, I guess you believe, to some extent at least, that we are BLIND, DUMB & DEAF. And we need RESERVATION. Reservation in our minds and hearts for a better attitude towards others.


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