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How to make your smartphone smarter!

Smartphones are here to stay. Although I haven’t seen much more than touch and sensor technology for a long long time, companies might come up with something like Kinect for mobiles. You just wave your hand from a kilometer and the phones comes flying to your palm. We would all become Thor then, wouldn’t we? Only that the massive hammer is replaced by a very smart phone.

Jokes apart, I am of the belief that our phones become smart based on how we use them. You use Facebook all day, they becomes stalkers and if it is Linkedin, startup and business phones. Log into Quora and it becomes a really curious phone! All the smartphone manufacturers play along with the needs of the customer and we customers think that a hardware addition makes the phone smarter! How foolish can we get? That is called an upgrade! Isn’t it?

Here are a few ways to make your phone smarter without replacing it with the next-gen model:

1. Subscribe to a news app. These apps push notify you on latest happenings around the world. That ways, you wouldn’t look dumb when your group is talking about the Palestine-Israel conflict.

2. Become a Quoran. Join Quora right away. It is a Q&A platform on various topics. You usually find answers to many of life questions here. And if you get lucky, you could get answered by some celebrity!

3. Install a compass. A compass comes in very handy sometimes, especially if you are traveling! Even if you are not, I would love to check out in which direction I am heading. You don’t need a magnet for this.

4. Join Linkedin. The professional Facebook. Who said Linkedin was only for professionals and entrepreneurs? Anybody could be a part of it. And it helps you connect with domain experts and be part of groups who talk sense on a range of topics.

5. Use an organizing app. I prefer Evernote. But there are many more organizer and notes apps out there. You won’t realize how useful it could get. Next time, you don’t have to type in some number on your dial pad. Moreover, it can be password protected.

6. Pin your interest. Say goodbye to worthless Instagram and get onto Pinterest. It is a platform where you can pin your interest under boards and share it with people or save it for yourself. You will be amazed at the content. You can literally find inspiration for anything.

7. Ideas are worth spreading. That is the tagline of TED, a non-profit organization that conducts seminars and post videos about incredible stuff explained by incredible people. Sounds interesting?

8. Download a brain game. Chuck those arcade stuff and download a strategy game that would test your mental limits. This will also keep you sharp and active.

Now for some ideas that I had come up with about using a smartphone:

1. You have a 13MP camera? Rather than taking a selfie, why don’t you take pictures of things around you? Your neighborhood, birds, people, unseen places etc. If you oblige, there is no restriction on posting them to Instagram!

2. You have maps? Why don’t you help out people who are new to the city rather than trying to find that hip restaurant?

3. You have a mix player? Play it out to your friends and start dancing rather than plugging in your earphones and trying to own the world of music!

4. You have an e-reader app? Read out some awesome stories to your neighborhood kids in the evening! As for you, better find a real book man!

You got anymore ideas? Feel free to add! Adios!


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