Imagine (), Mystery


Continued from EP1…..

Buddh walked in hurried surprise to the door and opened it just enough to peep through.

“How do you know my name?” he asked looking at the kid.

“Don’t you think that is a ridiculous question to be asking a kid in a suit at 5 in the morning?” beamed the kid.

“Probably yes! Get in! Who the hell are you anyway?” questioned Buddh as he let the kid in.

“Before I answer any of your questions, is there something to eat in the refrigerator? It’s breakfast time!”

“What! No human eats breakfast at 5 in the morning!”

“I wake up by 3:30 A.M. sharp. And yes, there are some unlike you who have a daily schedule!” retorted the kid while having a look deep inside the refrigerator.

He pulled out a pack of bread and some jam and started spreading it over the slices as Buddh watched with wide eyes, sitting across the table. With a sense of cleanliness unnatural for a kid, he neatly spread out the jam in large quantities across the slices and sandwiched them. Without speaking a word, he gulped 4 sandwiches in the bat of an eyelid. Buddh was now watching jaw dropped. He ran across the table and stared at the empty pack of bread. There disappeared his breakfast of 4 days.

Who was this kid anyway? How does he know my name? Why did I let him in? And now he has eaten all of my food! The kid now got up and walked towards the basin. He washed his hands and started rubbing them dry with his super neat handkerchief. Buddh saw the letters S.R.C embroidered on the hanky.

“What’s S.R.C?”

“Huh? Oh! You have keen eyes! Well that’s my name!”

“Aha! I got it! You are Sri Rama Chandra! You are GOD! You came to save me from my hardships! Oh Lord, I worship….” started Buddh getting onto his knees.

“Are you an idiot or what? GOD? Me? Stop imagining things! Now get back on your feet!” cried out the kid.

“Then what does S.R.C. stand for?” questioned Buddh.

“Sri Rama Chandra of course, but I am no celestial being”

“See! There you go! I got it half right! You definitely are a GOD!” cried Buddh with tears in his eyes, sobbing, still on his knees and hugging the kid hard that it made the poor thing breathless.

“Whoa! What else would S.R.C. stand for? Semiconductor Research Corporation?” gasped S.R.C, “But you can call me Ram! That’s short, sweet and stylish”

“Ok Lord Rama. If you are not GOD, how would you know my name? How would you know where I stay? Why would you knock at my door at such an odd hour? I read somewhere that GODS appear early in the morning only!”

“I thought you were a staunch atheist Buddh. You are surprising me now. How could anyone change their ideologies in such a short span? Can frustration drive a person to sheer madness?” worried the kid.



KARMA is the story of BUDDH, a fictional character who fails at everything he does and tries to seek answers.


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