Imagine (), Mystery


I always wonder why I keep failing in everything that I do. Failures are the stepping stones to hell. I am an atheist and I don’t believe in destiny and fate. But there came a point, when I was so fed up with failure that I began to allow the idea of the existence of other forces into my mind. My way did not work anyway. Why not try the other side?

My name is Buddh and this is my story.

I no longer wanted to think that I did not work hard enough or long enough. Nor did I want to listen to my kith and kin, telling me that things would happen in time and I just had to be persistent and put in my efforts. There were no fruits for my labor. It’s been many monsoons and there is no harvest. But one day, I heard something very different. It was just another gloomy day in the monsoon, when I was sipping tea and smoking a cigarette at a local tea shop.

“It is all KARMA. You pay for what you did in your past life!”

An old man was saying that to a young guy who probably was a failure too in something. But definitely, not a serial-artist like me. I stared at the young guy’s expression. I tried to read his lips which said something like, “Probably true!” If I was not in such a bad state as I was in, I would have written off such bullshit at the outset. But, somehow, I felt I should give KARMA the burden of doubt for once. What if, I did something bad in my previous life? That brings me to the question of previous lives now! Do they really exist? And then on to re-birth, salvation, enlightenment etc.

A loud honk of a passing truck brought me back to reality. All this doesn’t mean anything. They are just beliefs of ignorant people. You, Buddh, are a wise and learned person. You are beyond all of this. That might be the reason why you don’t fit into this world. That is why you face failure. If your ideas are not being accepted, that means you are on the way to glory! Remember Newton, Faraday and the others? Just hit the sack and try to sleep. No, Buddh, you can’t! You are a damn insomniac catalyzed by fear of uselessness. Look at you staring at that sign on the wall – “Lazy hands make a man poor!”

“Oh yeah? And what do working hands make of man?” grumbled Buddh and dozed off to sleep.

5:00 AM – Knock on the door several times

Buddh wondered who the hell it was at that odd hour. Maybe some investor, he joked to himself. Stumbling in his rarely found sleep, he headed towards the door. The knocking did not stop.

“Ok. Ok. I am coming!”

He opens the door to find a young kid in a suit. He had neatly combed hair and was smiling.

“Is this some kind of a joke? What the hell do you want now? Are you a missing case? I don’t want any trouble! Get out of there!”

“Don’t get angry. I came here to talk” said the kid pleasantly, with an air of maturity that betrayed his age.

“Hey! I said get lost! Get out of my sight! Let me sleep!” howled Buddh, slamming the door on the kid’s face.

As he walked back towards his bed, he heard something that startled him out of his wits.

From the other end of the door, came the voice – “Let me in Buddh. You need me.”




KARMA is my second attempt at writing a serialized story. The first one – VETTURI TALES received lukewarm response, hence scrapped it. Hoping that KARMA has a better following. It is the story of BUDDH, a fictional character who fails at everything he does and tries to seek answers.


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