The Truth..


Earth is 4.54 billion years old.

Mankind is nearly 400,000 years old. However, it has managed to evolve into a highly intellectual race with the ability to survive, develop and create. Is it good for a species to become extremely intelligent?

Like, I mean that not even one of the nearly 8.7 million species match the intelligence of humans which is a bit surprising. That’s not counting apes, monkeys, dolphins etc. Every species is clever in its own sense, that is, it always has a system to survive and evolve. And always being a part of nature and respecting it. Very unlike mankind which is capable of exploiting the world around it.

What was the exact reason for man for to start exploiting the world’s resources? Couldn’t he exist as part of it like all the other species do? Or, is it that, our survival and reproduction rate is so great that we just don’t have enough resources to support the world’s population? According to one documentary, man destroyed earth in ways unimaginable in the last 100 years or so. 4.54 billion years of evolution can simply be taken for granted and played around at will? I was shocked at how submissive, creation is to destruction. Yeah, there goes the saying that, “Where there is creation, there is destruction”, but whoa! This is way too fast! The equation simply doesn’t work out.

Of course, dear Earth retaliates every now and then, hitting back at humanity through its calamities and disasters. They are just signs of impending doom. Even nature gives us chances to repent and rewrite our future. Only, if man can grab such opportunities. Governments around the world are pulling up their socks to make environment their top agenda, but are they good enough? Are these protocols really useful or just gimmicks to make corporates and politicians rich? And is it right for me to blame the final consumer? Only if there is demand for a product, will it be produced. Can nature really be brought back to its former glory in return for carbon credits, worldwide funds, national parks and conservation projects?

Sometimes, when I go on leisure trips to really green areas, I am amazed at how beautiful this planet is! And all that awe for a leftover patch of green or forest! I sometimes try to imagine what it was like before all the destruction and exploitation started. PARADISE!

How is the idea of rationing products which are nearly exhausted? For example, we seek out alternative energies to replace fossil fuels. Why not ration fossil fuels itself? At least, till a point where they can be economically substituted on a mass scale. Governments provide subsidies on alternative energy installations; however the final consumer doesn’t want to spend that extra money as of now although he realizes the long term savings. Likewise, Hemp can replace paper. Nearly 200 million tons of wood is cut down to meet the world’s paper demand. The advantage with Hemp is that it can be recycled over and over again! Unlike paper! The drafts of the US declaration of independence were written on Hemp Paper! Our ancestors were definitely more environmental friendly!

Another idea is to limit the number of cars per household. Why does a 4 member household need 4 cars? Can’t environmental concern beat comfort? We shouldn’t be calling that comfort at all, its extravagance! And promote car-pooling. Governments have to provide some kind of support or subsidy to promote car-pooling. This is a cheaper way to make a considerable impact on the greenhouse gases rather than complex strategies. Some governments realized this and have introduced HOV lanes (High-occupancy vehicle lanes). These lanes reduce travel time and expense and also promote carpooling. And what about utilizing public transport if it is efficient? It wouldn’t hurt your ego if you could take the bus or local train.

It’s not possible to implement these ideas in all the countries. But, wherever possible, they have to be. And I am sure many of you have outstanding ideas for sustainability.

And there’s animal poaching. When will rich people stop craving for exotic animal skins and fur? When they do it, we don’t have to talk about species becoming extinct. Only if animals had a way to retaliate in groups! They would have taught us a very good lesson. And a gruesome one, at it! Demand plus terrible economic conditions in certain countries leads to animal poaching. An idle man’s brain is the devil’s workshop. He finds ways to make quick buck. And most of the times, it is illegal.

Environment doesn’t only mean forests, mountains, seas, rivers, animals and the oceans. It includes us too. Each and every one of us. We are an integral part of nature. There are countries which have no place to bury their dead! That reminds me of how we become part of the soil we walk on. By the time, our generation is dead, the ground water and soil will be so contaminated, that we wouldn’t even decompose in a proper way, which is the worst shame one could face. Although, we wouldn’t be alive to face it! Soils filled with pesticides. Water tables logged with chemicals. If you look at the picture on a macro level, it is very scary! Human trafficking and sex? Are we spreading AIDS or AIDS awareness? Are we aiming for a disease contaminated planet? That would be drawing too much inspiration from zombie movies.

While some nations die of hunger, livestock is overfed to be cut up and sold as frozen food in hypermarkets around the world. Is it lack of food or lack of proper channelization of food? How can we forget our neighbors and let them starve to death, while we hog on burgers and pizzas? Do you know how harmful McDonald’s French fries are? Put them in a vacuum and they don’t even decompose! Watch SUPERSIZE ME for further details on that. When will the day come, when all of the planet’s people have at least one meal a day? Where’s equitable distribution?

Oh we could keep going on and on about this. But, you get the point right? Do you agree that we need to start acting? We don’t have to change the world overnight. We can take baby steps and make the journey of life much more peaceful and rewarding. And Mother Nature would be healthy and shining again. We are trying to make amends, but it is not enough.

It shouldn’t be the case that we find a cure for the disease. Rather, we prevent it and avoid the hassles and pain in finding a cure. Maybe, in case of our planet, it might be too late for a cure or we won’t find a cure at all!!! With the caveat that all hope is not lost!

P.S. These are my personal opinions which have risen out of my concern for Mother Earth. Some of the ideas might have already been implemented. Some of the statements might be wrong mainly due to my incomplete exposure to environmental concern projects and protocols being implemented around the world. This post’s idea is only to bring about sustainability awareness in people.


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