Imagine ()

Let me in

I detest you all. You sit near the fireplace all cuddled up while I lie under a leaky roof in the barn. You sleep on soft and cushy beds while I sleep on piercing hay! A stack of hay that reduces everyday to the ground! You trot around on horses giving me instructions. Your ladies make squeaky and funny noises that irritate me. Your bloody dogs shit all over the place and given a chance might even take a bite of my shins. Sometimes I stare standing out here on these lawns at your windows while your silhouettes dance around merrily.

How long am i going to live this meaningless life of a peasant? I work and toil all day trying to prove my worth to you. But you pay no heed! I also want to live like you and eat like you and sleep like you. No I won’t settle for anything less! That little kid of yours always tries to get on to my hurting back. He says that I am his little pony. I can’t blame him! He’s a kid. However, he still hurts me. If there was anybody I would show mercy on, that would be him.

I like sleeping under the stars sometimes but I would rather do that on your terrace. My fellows told me that it wasn’t easy to be rich. Money brought its own misery. I don’t think so! Those fools do not know how to handle it, that’s all. Even if you think the same way, then rather give it all to me and take my place. Some say, it easier to be poor as there would be no peer pressure. Why even think of peers in the first place? Me, my money, my habits, my idiosyncrasies and my carnal desires. To hell with peers.

Every step I take is not towards your fields but towards my doom. I am not like the others. I am not your slave. I am not one to bend and obey whatever you say. I am sharpening my hatchet by the day. Remember, how you told me I am very good at using it? Let me show you how good I really am!

This night, I will not sleep. Just as the night gets killed by the day, this poor peasant will eradicate your arrogance, ignorance, ego and vanity in a jiffy. I would hack all of you to death and run away with your money. I would go away to some far off place and start living like you. People like you should not exist. Your absence will give essence to lives of people like us.

Tomorrow, I will be someone else. Someone rich. Someone with money. I am ready and so is my hatchet. Now, that I am at your doorstep, LET ME IN!!!!!!!


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