The Truth..

Will you still love me?

“Gatsby actually rewrites the past to make it look like his version of events. This is—we hate to say it—basically the equivalent of saying that “no” means “yes.” In fact, for Daisy, no really does mean no this time.”                                                                                        

– THE GREAT GATSBY by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Wish you were here. Wish I could touch you. Wish I could reach out to you. I know you are going to come back soon but every day seems like an eternity. I feel like I am surrounded by darkness even when there is light all around me. You are so close yet so far. Will I ever get back with you?

Hope is a dangerous thing they say. But it is one thing that keeps me going. I can hear your giggle among the sounds. I can see your lips in my dreams. Sometimes, these dreams turn into nightmares, waking me up in the middle of the night. I know that my immense concern for you is the reason for them. Though you have traveled across continents, your wonderful perfume still lingers with me. That is when I realize how beautiful the sense of smell is. That song! That song! What a beautiful voice! Is that yours? That song gives me goose bumps.  It reminds me of you. It reminds me of how you long for me.

I know you wouldn’t express your gloom just to keep me happy. But, why? Sorrow is a beautiful emotion in this context. It only increases my love for you. It shows how much you miss me! Please do not hide your feelings. I have to admit it that I love it when you cry. That’s doesn’t mean that I would want you to. It’s just that your tears glisten with your love for me. And that becomes a spectacle!

I would like to watch you dance again. Your dance with that wonderful never ending smile. Looking at me with those big, round and beautiful eyes and feeling proud of your skill while I gaze at you without batting my eyelids. I am all alone but I smile when I remember all the times we spent together. I am amazed at how someone could love me so much! I miss your hug. I miss your kiss. I miss your loving stare. I miss you in entirety.

The world is a beautiful place. However, I appreciate its beauty only when you are beside me. Please walk with me shoulder to shoulder forever. If you trip, I will break your fall. If your legs ache, I will carry you. All that grace of yours is mine and nobody else’s.

I miss scolding you for all the silly mistakes that you make. There’s nobody around to shout back at me for my short temper. I might look grown up but I am a kid by heart. I want you to take care of this kid. What would I do without you? What can I do without you? What shall I do without you? I am nothing but an aimless vagabond in your absence. Be my oasis in the desert. Be my rain in the heat. Be my solace in my pain.

My mental eye always projects an image of you irrespective of what my real eyes see. Like an apparition in mid-air. As if, I can see what you are doing out there, where I cannot reach you.

You are MY Daisy! Will you still love me when I am no longer young and handsome?


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