Love Chronicles – I

“So what else?”

Representing the famous balcony scene from rom...

“I like rock music. Especially progressive rock. Do you listen to rock?”

“No, I don’t. I listen to all kinds of music. Don’t classify them in particular”


1…2…3…seconds pass

“So what else?”

“Can’t you keep quiet for a few seconds? Do you have to keep talking continuously?”

Lips pouted. No for an answer.

“It’s good to be silent sometimes. Helps you concentrate and introspect”

Staring at his face, “I don’t know all that. Firstly, I am a chatterbox. Secondly, I love your voice! I can’t stop listening to it!”

He looks back at her and smiles.

“Hey, watch out! There’s a stop light!”


Look at you sit! How can anyone squat on a car seat?”

“I can. I am comfortable this way!”

A few weeks pass. The boy and the girl are standing at a road side tea stall. Chuck the fancy coffee shops and malls. Not that they haven’t been there, but as long as they were together, they did not care where they were.  The girl kept staring at the boy. The boy was embarrassed.

“Stop staring so much! It is so embarrassing! There are people around us!”

“I don’t care! Just let me! Are you a girl or what? Embarrassing? God! Save the cute little kid!”

“Ok! Ok!”

He was not a religious fellow. But nevertheless, he had started to visit temples and multiple gods. Oh, yeah and sing hymns. What was he doing? He did not care. He liked her so much that he was ready to do anything for her.

“Always remember. Do not hide anything from me because you think it will hurt me, ok?”, said the boy

“Ok. I promise. But, first let me eat this icegola”

She had many fears and inhibitions. But she wanted to be stronger. For him. He gave her all the strength that she needed. She gained unknown courage with him beside her. She felt that she could achieve anything with him beside her.

“I am scared sometimes. But I know that you are beside me.”

“I cannot always be beside you. It’s practically impossible. So you need to get stronger. You should be strong enough to handle things in my absence.”


The mood of the relationship was swinging slowly from fun to responsibility. Fun was there, but it was heavily laced with care for each other. They wanted to spend their lives together now. Understanding each other was an ongoing process. But, at some point of time, you are sure about the other person.

Boy’s interpretation of the girl:

She is beautiful, well educated, intelligent, caring, understanding, helpful and most of all she loves me. She loves to spend time with me. She goes to great extents to meet me. She wants to spend a wonderful happy life with me.

Girl’s interpretation of the boy:

He is handsome, well educated, knowledgeable, caring, responsible, and selfless and there would be no one else who could love me more. He would do anything for me. Losing him is losing me.

“Let’s put our past behind us. Let’s start afresh. Let’s live a wonderful life together”

Pulling out a rose, the boy gets on to his knees and asks, “Will you marry me?”

“Yessssssssssssss!!!!! I will!!!!!!! But, on one condition!”

“Huh? What’s that?”

“Both of us have to give a dance performance for our wedding!”

“Oh crap! Of course, I will! You scared me for a bit there!”

Giggling, the girl hugged the boy tightly.

“Do you know something?”, asked the girl.

“No I don’t. What is it?”




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