The Truth..

Nothing New

Tasmanian Devil (Looney Tunes)

A day away from a huge milestone, I somehow lack the needed excitement. I mean, there is that sense of achievement but I am not what I would have been like 8 or 9 years go. Back then, the smallest of the things used to excite me. Excite me so much that I would turn hyper and whirl around like TAZ, the looney tunes character, that we all know.

Maybe experience brings that “Haww. This will just pass. What’s so great about it?” feeling to a person. I am sure many of you also agree with me. And there are those people who depress you and pull you down. Please stay away from them! Please! You wouldn’t recognize them at first look but it’s never too late. Finally, it is all about synthetic happiness. Laugh, you will feel happy. Frown, you will feel sad. Wow! Whoever has come up with that man?

OK! Time for some excitement. Pack your bags and hit the road. All good till it’s over. Then starts the hollowness. The bloody pleasure that you derived from all those days will just vaporize instantly. What was that substance which vaporizes in the chem lab? Iodine? Whatever! I can say happiness is like iodine. Only that it is not physical in nature. The lab assistant was surely happy when we used to bribe him to give us the test answers!

Well..back to the point. What I am trying to say is that I might have actually understood the reason behind this utterly common phenomena. AGE. Yeah as you get older, you suck better! Oh how I used to admire all those wise old men on TV and in the movies!!! (GANDALF.I still love you!) They were actually big time suckers! They just wouldn’t admit it yo! Who likes an old wise unhappy man? On the path to 30, I already feel so low. How do I even make it to 60 or 70? (Personally, 40 is a good number!) By that time, all my juice will run out..and it is best to say bye!

Ok…please stop making faces now people! I am writing this out of a genuine concern and not because I have nothing else to write. Well..partly a lie! (Secret!). But come on now, I was talking sense. Wasn’t I? We go on, even if we ain’t happy, because we have to move on, compromise, adjust and finally exist. Get a life now! Everybody exists. Seriously, sometimes I think the beggar at the end of the road lives a happier life. Because he has nothing to prove to the world! He doesn’t need to be a part of the rat race. He doesn’t need to save. He doesn’t need to build houses, buy cars etc..etc…That’s why they attain enlightenment faster. Because they are free of worldly desires unlike us. They turn into sadhus and nagas and mentally conquer the world! While, we slog our ass out 16hrs a day in a corner cubicle and help some asshole make money!

Happiness is when you do what you want to. It need not necessarily be pursuing your dream. It can be buying a chocolate for a kid. Birth of a baby for a mom. Building a nest for a bird. And so on. Stop measuring it in terms of money, promotions, wealth and those other materialistic things that kill you!

As for me, I am still in pursuit of happiness. God I love that movie!(Yeah I know happiness has a ‘Y’). Time to watch it one more time.

I know there is nothing new about this post or its content. Just wasting your time. Go do something useful people!


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