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All for a Lady


He goes to college to study well. He assures himself that he won’t lift his head and look around. Primary motive is to listen to the

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lectures and then work hard on them and secure top marks. But things aren’t in our control, are they? A boy who goes out there to study will accidentally (yeah absolutely accidentally, like tripping over a stone and falling on another human being or listening to some insanely sweet melody called a voice) fall into a hole. The hole just like the one Alice slips into! A wonderland! He starts studying harder! Not studies anymore! But her! How beautiful she is! How gracefully she walks! She is made for him! How he wishes she was his! He would secure top marks and make it big in life if she was in his life. The lecturer’s voice is like a trance track while he secretly pulls off some long stares at her across the class. Even if she is looking at someone behind him, it looks like she is admiring him. Standing next to her at the bus stop makes him feel great. He smiles to himself. He talks to himself. He waits till she boards the bus. He feels like he is her guardian angel!

He secures his first job. He walks into the office on his first day with enthusiasm and all kinds of ideas in his mind to get to a manager level soon! He is assigned a system and a seat in a short time. He finds himself next a girl. He wishes her and talks to her about how he got in and his background. And he gets back to his work. As time passes, they develop a rapport. They go to coffee, lunch and the bus stop after work together. He starts working harder. He starts working more efficiently in her presence. How sweet is her voice! How beautiful are her eyes! How she syncs so well with him! He pulls off some long stares at her across the desk. Now, suddenly he feels more for her. Assisting in her work makes him feel great. He smiles looking at himself in the washroom mirror. He feels like he is her guardian angel!

She no more looks at him in the class. She no more stands next to him at the bus stop.

He slits his wrists.

It looked like she was admiring him. But he does not blame her. He blames his own bad luck. He curses himself for not being able to win her and do well in studies. He keeps on bleeding and loses his consciousness. He wakes up to see his parents at his bed-side in a hospital. The girl is nowhere to be seen.

She no more talks to him properly at work. She speaks more to the new guy. Communication is thinning. How long can they communicate in e-mails sitting right next to each other?

He tries hard to stay back in the job but finally resigns reluctantly.

It looked like she liked him. It looked like he had a great time working with her. He curses himself for being fooled into such a situation. He walks out helpless although he would have loved to stay back! He gets drunk at a local bar and loses his consciousness. He wakes up to see his roommate at his bed-side offering him some water. The girl doesn’t even bother to stay in touch.

We commit a mistake. But we are not willing to learn from it. Not that, it is going to break us, but it consumes a lot of our time and effort and especially in a relationship, it finally has to be worth it! If it’s worth it, we can put our blood, sweat and tears into it! But if it isn’t worth it, then just forget it (her)!!! Such moments will haunt you for the rest of your life. When you listen to that melancholic song in your car or watch a movie that you had watched along with that unworthy person. There are even cases where people have changed their job lines just to forget that unworthy her!! Now, that’s insane. Shows the adverse impact such betrayals and ruthlessness has on a person’s heart and mind. Some people even complain of post-traumatic stress disorder!

All that above, being put aside, one has no option but to live with those memories and nightmares. But don’t ever get into that rut again my friend. And don’t even expect some soul mate to turn up into your life. Because, that is never going to happen! It happens only in the movies. These people can even kill hope!

So stay single. Stay happy! Let solitude prevail over pain and dark injustice!

P.S. I thank my friend for typing this out for me, as I had a hurting hand. He was a wonderful scribe and picked up my narration extremely well.





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