The Truth..

A Poor Entrepreneur’s Frustration

Business Entrepreneur

You must be wondering what the title of this post is really about. Well, it is about those really rich successors of businessmen, entrepreneurs and politicians who hog all the limelight for making it big! Kids who come back from overseas colleges with degrees in entrepreneurship, finance, management and other streams. Degrees which would make one’s jaw drop in awe at a social gathering. By the way, a social gathering reserved for the elite!

India is shining! These kids are taking the helm from their celebrated fathers and mothers. They will now run the business empire. Just like that! Just after one year of work experience (sometimes less than that) in some investment bank which must have collapsed or about to collapse. I am not trying to say that you need to work a long while to run a business. Wait. Let me explain.

Ok, let’s take customer acquisition. You or me walk into a potential customer’s office and try to seal a deal. Now, in a parallel universe, a celebrated person’s daughter/son walks into the same office. Will both of us be treated on the same level? Daddy must have already called his friend over here! You walk out dejected. You walk out angry at the world for being unfair. Yeah, true, they have a brand name after all! Yes, the company does! Not the kid!

A well known IT entrepreneur’s daughter is out there selling indigenous crafts under a fashion label. You think it was easy for her? Absolutely! I can bet on that! Or the Bofors daughter has delved into film production, roping in actors of reputation like Amitabh Bacchan and Ben Kingsley! You and I cannot do that as easily as they do.

I am not cribbing about their advantage. It is actually good. It promotes entrepreneurship at some level. However, what about the lower strata? Who have awesome ideas and have never been given a chance? There is a still a huge percentage of deserving initiatives which need help. Which need serious help. Many start-ups have been advertised through articles – pain and unpaid. Start-ups which were successful. What about start-ups which are actually starting-up? These are the ones who actually define the word! Even the media needs to pay more attention to upcoming start-ups. The group I was talking about in the beginning needs little or no media coverage at all. They are well insured by brand names, backgrounds and corporate contacts. But you or I wouldn’t read a magazine or watch a business show if there isn’t a person of celebrity status right? Where would the TRPs come from?

In comes the Indian mentality of get attracted to Heroism! Now are times of attributing heroism to entrepreneurs. A hero’s kid will definitely be a heroine or hero. There is no doubt about his acting skills! She/ he will do fantastic! Oh yeah? Wait till we get our batch of theatre artists! They will wash out your celluloid crap in a jiffy with their real skills.

Disclaimer: The views expressed are not general in nature. There are definitely kids of businessmen who are really awesome and built their empires from scratch! The purpose of this post is only to promote entrepreneurs at the bottom of the pyramid and nothing else. If this post in anyway offends anybody, please feel free to say so.


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