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Travel Highs

Backpacking in the Grand Teton National Park, ...

Just one continuous month in the routine kills all of my energy. I wonder how others work for years together and even then hesitate to take a break. Just thinking of a road trip to some place unexplored excites anyone! At least, that is how it works for me and a few of my very good friends.

We even have regular discussions about where we should go next and about the last travel blog we had read etc. Of course, we do have normal conversations too, but you can say 80% is about travel or some new place or something related to travel.

Traveling is exciting, inspiring, relieving and educating! New places, legends, exotic food, beautiful cultures, immense architectures and above all a chance to disconnect from your daily life. I would be very willing and happy to travel all my life if someone would sponsor me. The rich ones, are you listening? May it be traveling to another country (although that generally involves at least a month’s planning in advance), within India (a week’s planning at the maximum) or just around our home state (Planning? What’s that?), we meticulously ensure that the experience is either life changing or unforgettable.

Traveling should not be for the heck of it. I mean to say, it shouldn’t be just for the sake of posting some pictures (You before some bridge, beach, wax statue, pillar and what not! And yeah, true travelers post pictures of places and not themselves) on social platforms or to throw away your hard earned money, so that you can tell every living soul that you have been to an exotic location! No! A definite no!  Traveling should be for the love of it. Traveling is an art. It is a passion. And this read is definitely not for those wonderful travelers out there but the other set who don’t give a crap about exploring and understanding other places and cultures. Travel my boy! Travel my girl! Travel to unravel the mysteries of this world! When was the last time you traveled? Don’t tell me you went to meet your grandma in your hometown!

And please do not give the excuse of lack of funds and time and everything else that attracts empathy in abundance. True. We are all busy. But we can still take some time out in 365 to be ourselves and disconnect. The world has places for all time spans and budgets. You just have to search.

Start by exploring nearby destinations and expand your scope. Do it slowly. Do it step by step. Maintain a travelogue or at least record your observations forever in your mind. Take it all in slowly. Live it thoroughly. Think how many places you could visit counting one place every month! That makes it 12 a year! Share your experiences with people. Inspire them to visit the places you had visited. Form a like- minded group (Don’t make it too big. 3 or 4 at the max. I suggest 3 because that’s the number I travel with including me, mostly).

The great Middle Eastern explorer and traveler, Ibn Batuta once said, “One who has eyes sees, one who travels see more!”So travel with your eyes open and take in the beauty of this world in its entire splendor!

This post is dedicated to my dear friends and travel mates, Avinash Rao and Vinay Sudhakar.


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