The Truth..



Originally written as a promotional article, I thought i should share it with my blog readers as it has a narrative style to it:

The other day I visited the Buddha statue in Hyderabad after a very long time.It is surprising that, me being a local Hyderabadi, haven’t visited it more than 2 times in a span of 20years! That day was beautiful. It was bright and sunny and perfect for a visit to the immense platform right in the middle of Hussain Sagar Lake. I joined 30 other people, leaving behind my local inhibitions and became a curious traveler just like the others. I stared, smiled and jumped in joy as we neared the monolith.

I got off the steamer and walked around to the front and looked at HIS face. There were no vehicular sounds, no pollution, no shouts, and no riots! It was peaceful.

HIS eyes were peaceful. HIS face was serene! “Oh! How I wish I could live here forever” I thought.

Suddenly, I heard a voice say “Hello, my dear friend!”

Startled, I looked around to find no one. Now this is spooky. I was the only person on the platform.

“Here, my boy, look here!”

I raised my eyes to HIS face and jumped in fright. HE was talking. HE was talking!!!!

“Don’t be frightened. I get so bored, standing here all day watching people coming, taking photographs, looking at me and leaving. I just needed someone to talk to. I just wanted a change of scenery! How would you feel if you couldn’t leave your room forever?” said Lord Buddha.

Still shivering a little, I looked HIM in the eye a little more confidently and said, “True. But how do we move you? You are so big and heavy!”

“You don’t have to move me. You can bring some more like you here!”

“That seems like a good idea!”

“Please do my friend. Please do. I love the sunrise, I love greenery, and I love colors and people with kind hearts”

“Lord Buddha. I understand you. I promise that I will create something to make you happy! If not forever, for a short time! In turn, it would make all of us happy!”

HE smiled. I chuckled with my head bent and looked back at him. HE was not animated anymore. Suddenly, the remaining people appeared and were urging me to get back into the boat.

As I was heading back towards the shore, I wondered whether it was a dream, an illusion or just my imagination! Nevertheless, I went ahead as promised to HIM and I came up with this:

“ECODHARMA” – A spiritually green event presented by ‘STREAM’ with the help of ‘The Social Cause’ on July 14th, 2013 between 7AM to 10AM. Fulfill Buddha’s wish by visiting him and designing your own t-shirt with organic colors!

“Buddham Saranam Gacchami”


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