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The Vetturi Tale – Part 1 (In search of dreams)

400 Years old Makkah Masjid, مسجد مكة Hyderaba...

Yes, I am ambitious! Now what’s wrong with that?”

“Ram, we cannot afford to send you away from the farm!”

“But dad, I am more than this! Why don’t you understand?”

That night, Ram Vetturi packed his bags and walked into the darkness. He did not have to rush. Everybody was fast asleep.  He would miss them. Of them all, he would miss Kavitha the most. All his childhood memories rushed through Ram’s head. They temporarily succeeded in holding him back. But, he had to go. It was now or never. He would come back. He would come back with lots of money and make them happy. He would take care of them.

14yrs ago, Ram was brought to this house as an infant. His mom had died during childbirth. Unable to orphan his sister’s son, Mr. Vetturi brought the little kid home. He gifted his wife a second child, a son, who was happily accepted by her and his little daughter, a tiny brother. Kavitha was overjoyed at the sight of the fragile being, which was later to be named Ram.

“Shut up Kav. Let me rest for a while, you little devil!”

“There is no way I am letting you sleep Ram!!”

Ram opened his eyes and instantly covered them with his hands against the harsh sun. Summers were always hot. The truck he had secretly smuggled himself into last night was slowing down. He had to jump off it soon, before he got boxed by the driver. Dusting himself off all the dry hay, he walked towards a shop selling eateries. He bought himself a bun and some tea. 9 AM in the morning and it was already damn hot.

Sir, how far is it from here to Hyderabad?”

“A 100 more son”

“Thank you for the bun, tea and answer”

“Don’t mention it son! You look like another one of those dreamers. Wish you all the best!”

Ram understood the fact that there were many others, just like him. Now, it was all up to HIM and some real hard work to make things happen. HE and hard work was a deadly combination. Some called HIM luck. But Ram preferred to call HIM only HIM. He was a religious guy. He always visited the temple on weekends with his family. And dad would buy him and Kav lots of sweets as kids.

He quietly waited for some truck to stop so that he could sneak into the back. After a short wait of 15 minutes, he was bouncing up and down on his way to the Pearl City.

To be continued……


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