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A Dog Chasing Cars

Hi Friends,

Photo of a Jack Russell Terrier

Photo of a Jack Russell Terrier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am Jimmy, a Jack Russell Terrier. I am  pure bred, domesticated, well fed, taken care of, played around with, petted by neighbors, called cute by everybody and i experience every other thing that are generally associated with cute domestic dogs. But we, domestic dogs and the stray ones have one unusual thing in common. Yeah, you guessed right! Chasing cars! Where i stay in India, we also chase bikers (as there are more bikes here than cars), kids on bicycles, auto rickshaws and every other means of transport which is native to India.

But why do we chase vehicles in the first place? Did you ever try to find an answer? You have something called GOOGLE. Couldn’t you just search the reason instead of assuming arbitrary reasons for our peculiar behavior? I at least expected the late Heath Ledger (respect!) to know the reason! Playing the Joker in Nolan’s “The Dark Knight“, he says “Do I really look like a guy with a plan? You know what I am? I’m a dog chasing cars. I wouldn’t know what to do with one if I caught it! You know, I just… *do* things”

The other day, a group of my friends were discussing (barking and yelping) about the same topic. “These humans think they know everything about us! Bah! What tall claims!” “Do they know why we chase cars?” “Hahahahaha…..bowwowowow”. “Hey Jimmy! Does your owner know the reason?” I said yes he did. But he didn’t! The old fool! And when my friends came to know the truth, they chased me around the entire neighborhood for hours.

There were times when i demonstrated this superb feat to my master time and again. Run out of his grip and chase a random car. But he never seems to understand!

Finally, my entire clan decided to stage a mass demonstration. We gathered all the dogs (both domestic and stray) from 10 neighborhoods around and started chasing cars. We were on the TV, paper, radio and on people’s mouths. All they said was, the dogs have gone mad! They are chasing cars in groups! Our masters had a tough time locating us. The strays had a tough time escaping the animal services van. But THE question didn’t pop up. Why do dogs chase cars??

Finally we gave up. “Its no use man! They will never understand!”

“You really think so? But is there really a need to let them know?”

“They should! They should know everything about us. After all we live together on earth! And we are man’s best friend!”

As far as i am concerned, i don’t care whether they know or not. I love chasing cars and i will keep doing it irrespective of whether my master knows the reason or not! But for the benefit of the readers of this post, i shall tell you the actual reason behind that behavior.

We chase cars because we are wild by nature. I chase cars because it’s a natural prey drive. We are either playing a game or we are hunting. In most socialized, well-adjusted dogs like me, prey drive expresses itself as a canine tag game, in which we take turns being “it.” The object isn’t necessarily to catch the other dog. The real fun is just running around. It’s similar to chasing Frisbees or balls.

So there actually is a reason for us chasing cars. Since i somehow can’t explain why i do it to my master, i request you to explain it to him the next time you come across him.

Till then Cheers!!!! May all the bones be yours!!!

Signing off.

Jimmy the Jack Russel Terrier



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