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Earth Tour


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Look at this mountain range!”

“Yeah, isn’t it spectacular?”

“By the way, how do we know their language?”

“You fool; it’s for the ease of the readers!”

“Stop joking around and keep an eye on the controls for galaxy’s sake! I don’t want to end up in some weird earthly science museum!”

The ship floated around over the mountain range like a fly.

“Maybe we can take some samples home”

“Are you serious? We don’t even know how our bodies might react to this weather. Stop getting stupid ideas!”

“I am sorry. Hey what’s that snake like wall. We don’t have something like that back home. Is it creature made or natural?”

“I built it don’t you remember. Or otherwise, we can land and ask someone. What say?”

“Shut up. Forget it. I am happy looking at it. Don’t need to know what its name is or what its purpose is. Fly on.”

The saucer zoomed past world heritage sites little know to them. Nevertheless they were eye candy.

“I guess there is too much to see in one light year here. We need to come back again.”

“Yeah, I totally agree dude. Maybe we can get our other mates along too next time around!”

“True. They would totally love this.”

The machine rose up from the Stratosphere and slowly glided into the Mesosphere. Then on picked up speed in the Thermosphere to zoom past the International Space Station (ISS) and hit the gas into the Exosphere.

They looked back at the blue planet with awe. The pod was on autopilot now. Course set.

“I swear dude. It’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.”

“You bet. I totally dig it!”

“We will come back for more for sure!”

“I am always in!”




Meanwhile somewhere on earth, two drunken teenagers are busy looking at the star-studded sky.

“I swear dude. I saw a flying saucer.”

“I told you not to drink too much. Now how are you going to drive home?”

“Dude, I don’t care if you believe it or not! I saw one!”

“Man! Governments worldwide have pumped in billions of dollars into E.T. projects with no results. They don’t exist!”

“Yeah true, I must be really drunk! Let’s go home.”

P.S. The alien talk was actually in Alienish but translated into English for ease of readers as one of the aliens said. As for the comment on their existence, I totally believe that they exist! However, just not to create fear and chaos among the general public and especially my readers, I have taken the negative stand.


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