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The Curse of the ‘A’

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Background : ‘A’ is the first letter and a vowel in the basic modern Latin alphabet. It is similar to the Ancient Greek letter Alpha, from which it derives. The letter A currently represents six different vowel sounds. “A” is the third most commonly used letter in English, and the second most common in Spanish and French. In one study, on average, about 3.68% of letters used in English tend to be ‹a›s, while the number is 6.22% in Spanish and 3.95% in French.

Frontground : Any girl’s name ending with ‘A’ would never work out for me in spite of the greatness of ‘A’. Read ahead for further comprehension of the alphabet.

2000 A.D. – (VineethA) – My first crush. Beautiful girl. I loved her. She loved me too. But we were kids! Neither understood each others craziness. She hated whatever i did. I tried to like whatever she did. Then she started to talk me to about crappy fashion shows and  stupid models on Channel [v]. I was stupid but not stupid enough to listen to crap about skinny models on TV. Now, I had to make up some story! Dear, I need to concentrate more on my studies. Let’s stay away from each other for a while. This made her cry. I didn’t mind. She was not the one for me. Bye Bye VineethA.

 2003 A.D. – (SaarikA) – College life. But, i bloody did not like any of the girls at college. So i thought of one of my neighbors back in my hometown. She used to be cute. Is she still cute? Let me check ORKUT. WTF?? She is hot! Let me get hold of her number. Finally, Hi! SaarikA! Remember me? You are so beautiful. I can’t stop talking to you. Checked my unbilled amount. 500 bucks already? Hope this is worth it. Another day and 500 bucks later, she doesn’t answer my phone!! I request a girl at the phone booth to call her home up. Just in case, I don’t get caught. She tells the girl she hates me and doesn’t want to talk to me! Bye Bye SaarikA.

2006 A.D. – (AmritA) – Graduated with flying colors fortunately. Not enough to get a job. I go join some additional courses. Boring classes in the evening. I rather roam around on my bike all over town! Wait a second! Who is that girl sitting in the front? Wow! I rather sit in class all day! Hi! AmritA! Heard you are the topper. Can I borrow your notes? 3 weeks later, we are going around on my bike all over town. 2 years pass. I go abroad for higher studies. The girl gets a job and starts earning. Me, still dependent on daddy. Girl doesn’t like that. I convince her to wait a few more months. One fine day, just before my final semester exams commence, I get an e-mail. (Dear R. I loved you. But I don’t love you anymore!). Bye Bye AmritA.

2009 A.D. – (NanditA) – I find a job and earn too. Awesome! So many beautiful girls around at work! Let’s go talk to this girl. Hi I am R. Oh NanditA is it? Beautiful name! I love you NanditA. Same story. Different girl. 2 years are up already. (Dear R. Marry me.) What? Marriage already? Come on NanditA!!! Some more time please. (R!!!!! Stop playing around!!! Let’s get married!!!!) . Oho!! Bye Bye NanditA!! I am not ready for marriage yet!

2011 A.D. – (…….) – I don’t want a name ending with ‘A’ in those brackets. For god’s sake!! Why can’t I just find another alphabet?

P.S. The above references are purely fictional. They are not intended to refer to any person in particular although there might be some similarities.

The Curse of the ‘A’


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