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Rain Talk

Rains have come down pretty heavily this monsoon

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I somehow don’t like the monsoons. Of course, they are a relief from the blistering heat. However, i don’t like the fact that i get wet while driving to work and back and every time in between and after that. A day or two is fine, but heavens crashing down on you when absolutely not required becomes a habitual irritation. This opinion ain’t inclusive and does not include all the other pros and cons of the rains.

So as usual, i was driving back home and guess what? It started pouring heavily.My time for revenge. I stopped my bike near a small house with a plastic roof on top. Enough to take revenge. Screw you rain! Come touch me now! I could see the other losers getting wet and carrying forward helplessly. Sad part was that the roof was too low and i had to become the hunchback of Notre dame to avoid getting wet. There was another man, short in stature, standing next to me. I could see that he was a vegetable hawker from the cart that was parked there. It was covered with a plastic sheet to keep the veggies dry.

He lit his beedi (cheap cigarette) and smiled at me. “Heavy rain, isn’t it?”. I nodded in agreement. I took out my cigarette too (the costlier one), but had no light on me. “Can i borrow some matches?”. “Sure”, he smiled again. Somehow i felt we lost that ability to smile trying to win this rat race. Then suddenly a lady popped out of the house and said something pointing at a power meter installed on the wall. “Yeah, Yeah, i will tell him”. “Sir, please watch out for that meter, it might give you a shock”. I looked at it frightened and moved away from it.

I stared at the vegetables under the plastic sheet. “Won’t they rot if water seeps in?”. He laughed, “No No. Maybe a few. I will get rid of them. The sheet is good enough!” He looked at my bike’s registration. It was from a different state. ” You planning to go all the way to another state?” LOL. what a stupid question! ” No way! That’s unimaginable. It’s too far! How can even people ride so far?” Victory! Literate over illiterate!

“Why not! i know many who do it! Just for the heck of it, that too!” Victory! Illiterate over Literate! By then, the rain had stopped. He smiled once again, and walked away pushing his cart. The lady popped her head out, looking at the sky and went back into the house. I shouted at him, “Thank you!”

Whew! I put my helmet on and started on my way. My mind ran in tandem with the bike’s engine. Why did i thank that man? Why did that lady care about me?

I somehow like the monsoons.


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