The Rain Effect

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We had planned it out all in advance. We were going to a picnic this weekend. Both of us were so enthusiastic and excited about it. In fact, the mere thought of it gave us the boost to work with no stress or qualms. Yeah! the weekend is close by! I will be spending some memorable, romantic moments with my darling.

The day arrived. We packed up all the stuff required, and were smiling at each other. Just when we were about to step out of the house, it started pouring heavily. Haha! this wouldn’t dampen our spirits. We waited for it to stop. But the thing wouldn’t. From where in the sky, did this rain suddenly appear? The skies were all clear this morning! Aaaah crap! who could predict the weather these days anyways?

My girl was all sad, her smile lost and her lips sloped downwards, simplistically like a child drawn sketch. I thought, what could be done now to make her happy or make us happy? Nothing struck my blunt (due to all the monotonous work) mind. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you lose your creativity. Think man think! Ahhh got it!!!!! ” Honey, i am sorry. I couldn’t give you what i have promised.” This time my lips turned down into a inverted ‘U’ just like the child drawn sketch. Her watery eyes looked at me and smiled while her lips still didn’t want to cooperate. She took time to sink my sentence in to her heart (mind it heart! not the mind!).

She yelled smiling at me, ” Hey, no prob, i love the rain too! Let’s get wet!” So, we ran out of the door and got wet, danced with the rain drops, ran along with the shower as it swayed to and fro as orchestrated by the wind, jumped into puddles like kids who did it just for the sake of making their moms angry. And then when we were drenched big time, she yelped, ” Darling, i am totally drenched, i need to make myself warm”.

We ran back in to the house, dried ourselves, made some coffee, pulled a chair in front of the big window showing us a cinematic view of the rain on the open grounds. I pulled up a kids fairy tale from the shelf and read it out to her while she cuddled herself up in my lap listening intently. Oh! she is still such a kid. Her coffee cup in her hand making her warm while she kept asking me silly questions like “Why didn’t the prince rescue the princess when he knew it would happen all the time?”

I smiled looking into her eyes and then gazed at the rain outside the window. This was the best picnic i ever had! Thanks to the rain effect!


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