The Waterfall

Skógafoss Waterfall

She was sleeping sound, wrapped in an exquisite shawl on the wet and mossy rocks. A pile of dead bodies lay on the left bank of the lake.

” I know more will come to take you, but i won’t let them”. There was no answer from the beautiful lady. She just twitched to say that she knew.

He could not rely on sound, so he had to keep his eyes wide open and watch for any kind of moment on the left bank. He had two handicaps. Neither could he hear any approaching danger nor see clearly. There was no possible danger from the right as it was a cliff and they were completely out of vision. The gushing of the water was loud but made no kind of disturbing impact on the sleeping beauty. Maybe, it seemed like a lullaby to her.

He glanced at the lady with a smile but only for a moment. The most beautiful being on earth, just like an angel. Nothing could stop him from protecting her with his life. He always believed that he was tough and would never fall in love. But, this girl wove her magic around him. The magic of love. He allowed his mind to wander away, his eyes still being loyal to the task at hand.

Then he sensed some movement on the bank. His vision was blurred. It was not a thick curtain of water. You could see the other side but not at normal levels.

Two soldiers starting walking towards the bank and got into the shallow waters. Then whizzzzzzz. An arrow pierces the first soldier, right through his armor and reaches his heart. Before, the second one could even make a noise, he sees a sharp arrow make a thin opening in the curtain of the waterfall and hit him in his head.

“Come as you may, i will not sway”. ” It is my duty to protect this beauty”. “I shall and i will until death”.



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