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Confessions Of A Nature Addict

Land-based plants and fungi have been part of ...

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Enough of this madness. Enough of this pollution. Enough of this rat race. Enough of this monotony. Enough of this helplessness.

I made up my mind to escape truly from all of the above. No wonder our ancestors used to live longer. What do you gain out of all of this finally? Zero. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This dawned on me right at dusk. I quickly got ready, before my mind changes itself without any consent of mine and started out of the city.

I passed many buildings which i hadn’t seen before. They seemed to appear at the wave of a magic wand. A wand called Real Estate.I passed many cars, some Indian, some Italian, some German, some Japanese and so on. I passed people.  Zombies who do not have the faintest idea why they are doing what they are doing!!!!

I crossed the city limits, but civilization never seemed to end. It only became less dense, but it was still there. I took the exit on to the freeway. My freeway to nature. I drove as fast as i could to reach my destination. I didn’t even feel like playing any music. All my windows were rolled up preventing any kind of sound or wind to interrupt my peace of mind. I took another smaller exit on to an even smaller road.

I drove for around 15kms to reach absolute greenery. Only green, green and green all around me. The crops, the trees, the plants, the shrubs, everything thing was green except me and my car.  I sat on top of the hood and looked around me. Yeah, this is what is called heaven. All you fools out there, listen!!!!!! This is where you came from and this is where you will end.

I walked towards the only house in the middle of the green pastures. My house. My weekend house.  I kicked the chappals of my feet and relaxed on the hammock.

But, my mind was still not at peace. I dreaded at the thought of going back into that horror house. The city. I was scared, which did not let me relax. I tried to make the most of my time there. I knew i could not stay there for long. I had to get back to being a zombie.

Door open. Ignition. Gear. Accelerate. Live a dying life. Signing off……….


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