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The Elevator

Old Elevator

Image by lrargerich via Flickr

I use the elevator everyday at home and work. As usual, i took the old elevator in my building to reach the 3rd floor. That’s where my flat is and always was. The machinery started moaning and crunching to pull the claustrophobic box up to my destination. The fan was out of order and the goddamn light was flickering to give me the effect of spookiness. But it was like that everyday!! Today was nothing new. At least i thought so.

Then thoughts which weren’t supposed to come to my mind, started coming to my mind. Somehow, i felt the urge to switch the goddamn light off for a few seconds and feel the darkness. I usually don’t like darkness, in fact i am scared of staying long in the darkness. Maybe, my age (i am 24) provoked me to overcome my fear factor for some time and do the unthinkable.

Firstly, the claustrophobia and on top of that fear of darkness, seemed an excellent combination to make me faint instantly. No, i should not do it, i should not take risk. On the other hand, when if not now? I can’t do all this crap when i am a goddamn 60yr old. If i faint then, i will faint forever!!!!

My mind started reeling even at the thought of it. The stupid box was taking ages to reach my floor. Poor thing, it is not it’s fault. First of all, it is a damn old historic elevator, never repaired and used till its limit. We should actually appreciate the loyalty that it displays to its users. Ages old, but still carrying up and down ( Thankfully, not to Heaven and Hell). Somehow, i felt like puking. You know, how it feels to be in an elevator box for a long time. The bloody G-force makes all kinds of biological changes to you!!

Anyways, i did the unthinkable. I pushed my hand towards the oily, sticky light button on the panel and turned it off. It was pitch dark. I could feel my breath becoming faster, my heart pounding at a rapid rate. And to add to the music, the machinery was mocking me with its orchestration. Enough man, you have had enough, a few seconds. No, let me test my limits. I knew i was going to faint any minute. I started sweating profusely. I started shivering. I gathered enough energy to push the stupid light button on.

The light came on, very much to my relief. But i sensed something moving beside me. I took a quick glance towards my right to find an ugly figure standing and wickedly smiling at me. I freaked and pushed myself to the corner of the lift. God!!!! What was this figure??? Is it a ghost??? Or is my mind playing tricks with me??? I started banging on my floor button rapidly. God, get me out of here!!!!! Finally, i reached my floor and the door creaked open. I crawled outside and put myself up against the wall opposite the elevator, panting and emoting expressions in fear. I could still see the figure standing where it was, smiling, while the door closed back slowly.

I locked myself up in my apartment and could not sleep properly. The next day, i got ready as usual and took the stairs. When i reached my car, i overhead the almost dying, old watchman and some of his friends talking.

“Yeah man, remember that fellow who died in that elevator 30yrs ago. Some people say they saw his ghost in the goddamn elevator. But i don’t believe all that crap. Who the hell would believe in ghosts anyway?”


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