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Another Brick in the Wall

Brick wall

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“We don’t need no education!!!! We don’t need no thought control!!!! No dark sarcasm in the classroom!!!! Teachers, leave us kids alone!!!!” Pink Floyd aptly penned down these lyrics for the truly awesome minded. Its true in not one, but many ways. Right from our schooling, we are brain-washed to conform our thoughts within the scope of our teachers and parents. We have no scope of our own….we follows somebody else’s scope. There starts the problem. When we can’t have our own scope, how can we have our own thoughts. What i mean to say, is that, creativity and innovation are suppressed right at the start.

Out of a billion people, how many truly follow their dreams? The dad couldn’t become an IAS officer, so he wants his son to be one. But, does the son really want to be an IAS officer?????? I will make my son an engineer, a doctor, a lawyer, an architect, etc…..oh!!!! my neighbor’s son has gone to the US for his Masters, i have to send my son too!!!!!! Oh my colleague’s kid has scored 95% in math, what about my daughter?????? WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! This is neither a competition nor are the professions mentioned previously, the only in the world!!!!!!!

When will the goddamn people understand it????? Do they ever try to know what their kid really wants??? A kid says to his father, ” Dad, i want to be a musician!!!”. Dad replies,”What?????? What good will it do to you??? Can you earn enough money??? Shut up and go study now!!!!”. I think the problem lies somewhere else. It is the fear of not succeeding in life, that pushes parents to force their kids into well-known and guaranteed professions.

True!!! I can understand a parent’s concern, but you are killing a kid’s creativity and dream. You are nipping an idea in its bud. You are killing the next JAMES NEWTON HOWARD, STEVEN SPIELBERG, USSAIN BOLT, ALBERT EINSTEIN ETC…even before they are born. No wonder, we have no more geniuses born in recent decades. The major reason being stereotyping our kids to economy driving jobs.

Finally, what you create is not a professional, but just another brick in the wall!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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