The Truth..

Wild waters

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I always dreamed of going on a wild water rafting ride. Plan it out every year, but as you know planning never works ( i keep mentioning this many a time in older posts), i give up the idea for a much more entertaining mind wandering ride.

For you people out there, who are wondering what a mind wandering ride is, it is sitting idle at home and thinking crap. Mind you, it need not always be crap. Sometimes this ride will give you new insights into life (useless ones somehow). Anyways, lets believe in abstraction and get back to the real story.

So, i was on this MW ride and realized how life itself is one immensely wild river. The greatest of the minds find it tough to raft through this one. A lot of ass smashing, mind numbing, bobbing up and down later, you still wont get enough. Just when you feel, you have missed a huge rock by inches, you find another one ready to hit you right in your face.

The only difference b/n WRR and MWR is that the latter includes both physical and emotional thrills. In WRR, you gear up well to protect yourself, accompanied by a master guide to get you safely to your destination. However, the latter , your are the master of your own fate. We hurt ourselves, time and again, get up and move forward to reach our destination.

Just like we take up an adventure thrill, very much aware of its imminent dangers, we need to face life similarly. Now which ride do you find more exciting folks??????


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