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The Land of the beautiful

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Long long ago, there was a town in the middle of nowhere. It was like every other usual town geographically except for its people. The people of the town were the most beautiful men and women ever to be found on earth. They were so handsome and beautiful that each one of them could easily win the highest beauty pageant with minimal effort. There was not a single person who was not beautiful. Each and every one of them was more beautiful than the other and no one person could prioritize them on the basis of their beauty.

They were proud of themselves and took pride in their town. They believed that it was heaven and they could not ask for more. Now, it was tough finding matches in town as you might have already guessed the reason. However, they chose their mate at random. The town felt that beauty was the most beautiful attribute a human being could have. So they did not care much for the other aspects of life.

People from other areas didn’t dare come to the town out of humiliation as they were looked down upon. You are not beautiful? Then you have no place in this town!!!!! used to be the non-verbal answer of the mayor.

One day, a couple arrived to the town. The population saw them get off a bus at the entry gate. The couple had no inferior feeling in entering the town. They were beautiful by normal human standards but did not meet the expectations of the town.But they were beautiful. People kept looking at them in an awkward manner. The couple held their heads high and walked towards the mayor’s office.

The mayor gave a single glance at them and said…” You ain’t beautiful. You can’t stay in this town!”

People gathered outside the mayor’s office to have a look at the inferiors. It was turning into a big crowd outside. This was the usual ritual if people from other towns arrived there. No one couple dared to answer back to the mayor and left in dismay humiliated. But this couple was different.

They replied,” We are beautiful!”. The mayor laughed at their utter foolishness. He escorted them out of his office and brought them before the crowd. This time he asked the crowd, ” Are these people beautiful?”. People started laughing at the top of their voices.

To this the couple replied, ” We might not appear as beautiful as you. But we have beautiful hearts!”


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