The Truth..

Ideal-less world!!!!

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There was a time a few years ago when people had ideals. If you trusted a person with something, you were sure that it would happen. Or when you relied on a friend, you knew you could relax and totally trust him. Such were the times. It was a world and time of ideals. People took pride in being idealistic. People took pride in being a helping hand. People saw change and could bring out change. But not now!!!!!!!!!

Looks like everybody has lost it totally. They are idealistic but only in the materialistic way! Am i secure? Am i earning enough money? Do i have a good job? Should i give a crap to others? If you ask someone, do you care about others? Do you care about the state? He replies in a very arrogant and confident manner, ” I have my own problems, i don’t have time for others or the state. Anyways, that’s what the government is in place for!” .

But where is moral responsibility? You are more enthusiastic about crowding around a injured man on the road rather than taking him to a hospital!!!! This is not the right way! Leave it-let someone else- take care of it- attitude sucks totally! In addition, the new millennium people have no respect towards others feelings. Yeah, people are different. They have different characters and perspective. But even if you don’t like someone, you just can’t comment on him outright! That’s not called being frank! That’s called being a total asshole!! (Don’t mind my language. It shows how pissed of i am at the system). Give but never expect anything in return should be the way. However, the crowd always expects something in return for what they have done. The person who took your help might not be in a position to help you! You gotta understand that!

That is when you become selfless! The real human being! You are not just a species! You are a combination of biology, anthropology, sociology and humanology( that’s my ology!). Don’t lose your humanitarian strands. I know there are people out there helping the needy and poor. I appreciate their effort a lot. Before that, try to understand and help yourself and the people around you before moving on to others. Donate and help in a heart-felt manner. Not to gain reputation and acceptance. You don’t have to go around marketing you humanitarian skills.

Society is evolving at a rapid pace in the wrong direction. Ethics, Values, Codes are being totally violated in pursuit of materialistic happiness. Unless and until something is done or happens naturally, we will be the sole constructors of our destruction.

Disclaimer 1: These views are solely mine and are not aimed at any particular individual or group. This opinion is of a personal nature and does not indicate anything in general.

Disclaimer 2: Do not give a shit about Disclaimer 1. I meant each and every word i said!

The End.


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