Experience !!

The Great Ball of Fire

6:00 P.M.

I was driving down the road called ‘Life Street’ at 80mph. The weather was beautiful and pleasant. Idle for a drive in an open top. However, mine wasn’t one, nevertheless, i was enjoying the drive all alone. Then on my left, in a distance, out on the open fields, i see something glowing brightly. I want to stick to the road and continue forward but no!!!!! The curious part of me steered the vehicle off-road towards the glowing object. Now, there’s no turning back till i get to the bottom of it. It always happens this way!

6:15 P.M.

As i get closer, i see a giant ball of fire. It was swirling and making weird sounds but emanated a pleasant blue aura.  The mere sight of it was a feast to my eyes. It seemed like the most beautiful thing in this world. I stepped out of the car with the engine still running and walked towards the ball. I was mesmerized. I heard it asking me to touch it. I knew that was a bad idea. I could easily burn myself. Let’s do it anyways. You hardly get to experience such things in a lifetime!!!!

6:18 P.M.

I walked enthusiastically towards the ball in an attempt to touch it. My feet were very skeptical towards the last few steps but i pushed myself forward. I didn’t feel any kind of heat while approaching the giant ball of fire. It seemed more cold to me in its vicinity. I started to shiver. Finally, i let go of my hand.

6:20 P.M.

I felt a surge of happiness in me as i did that and i got pulled into the ball throwing me into a beautiful world. There in that world, i met a beautiful girl. We quickly fell in love with each other. Spent the most happiest moments together. Decided to live life together forever and ever. But things turned sour. We began to quarrel with each other. She complained that i was changing and was not the same as i was when she first met me. I complained about how she was turning hysterical and imagining all kinds of things about me. But i still loved her a lot!! Then one day, she left without notice. I sat to myself on the edge of a cliff and cried. Felt like jumping off the cliff. And i did, hitting the ocean below hard.

6:20 P.M.

The next moment, i was out of the great ball my hands hurting. I turned my gaze towards them. They were all burnt. The pain hurt me so much that i fell to my knees screaming. Gathering some strength, i got into the car and drove back home literally with my wrists.


I was driving on the same road and saw the great ball of fire again. It reminded me of my burnt hands and the pain. Not only the physical pain i endured but also the pain i felt within the magical world. I convinced myself to stay on the road. And i never saw that great ball of fire ever again in my life……


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