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Weekend Blues!!!

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I work all  week in anticipation of the weekend imagining and planning all kinds of stuff to do. Of course, planning never worked for me!! Whenever i plan something, it never fails to fail everytime. I always want to spend some quality time with my friends which happens but not at the scale imagined. You want to go to a movie?? Forget it. Tickets are sold out in advance and all the multiplexes and theaters in town are displaying their SOLD OUT boards even before the afternoon begins to burn our skulls.

Wanna go to a coffee shop??? It seems more like a fish market with people even waiting for a chance to grab their favorite fish, i mean coffee.

I am not a pubber. I don’t like frequenting them for the sake of it too!!!! But i did hear that you have astronomical cover charges and no place to even maneuver your butt through the crowd. Wanna go window-shopping in a mall??? Nah- bad idea!!!! Coz, there are similar interest people not letting you pursue your interest so easily. You’ll spend more time dodging people like Neo dodged bullets in The Matrix!!!!

So looks like i have eliminated most of the high-quality-time options. What’s left is to have a beer in our own local gully bar. I gotta admit that i really love the place. It seems like heaven when you have no other option and after all that exhausting hunting. Or, a hot samosa ragda at a local chat bhandar and drive back home meagerly satisfied.

But i lose no hope!!!!! There’s another weekend coming and things might turn out in my favor although the probability of that is highly low!!!! After all, my friends, hope is one thing we cannot lose in this world!!!!

Cheers!!!! Wish you all a great weekend!!!!!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Blues!!!

  1. Sampath Nerlakanti says:

    This usually happens every now and then …… its good that you have found enjoying things when u have a few options left which are not of your choice!!!!!

  2. Kamesh says:

    I agree with you dude…Even its a good idea to have a beer at your own house rather in local gully bar. what do u say???

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