Experience !!

Come a Long way!!!…A lot more to go…

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Almost reaching the 25th milestone in life..when i look back..it seems like i have come a long long way!!! Not all beautiful memories but still ones to be cherished forever. Even the bad ones can be laughed at after a long time and show how stupid and silly we are sometimes. Right since when we are born..learn to take the first step, play around with toys, join school for the first time with utmost reluctance, studying new stuff about science, math, English, getting trashed by teachers, growing into high schoolers making a lot of noise. And then into college, your first crush, your first love, gangs, hanging out and then a sudden diversion into graduation. You get a lot more serious about your career than without the absence of the usual-making-you-happy things, the convocation ceremony, farewell parties, parting wishes, photographs.

New relationships, breakups, broken hearts, healing wounds, a fresh lease of life, new people, new mindsets, support, affection, triumph, visions, goals and what not!!!!

Then into the cruel harsh world hunting for a job, finding one, making new friends for life out of your colleagues, learning new stuff at your office, trying to grow in your career, earn and save money. Whew!!!! I guess i have covered the generic stuff. Other material varies from individual to individual. How much does each one of us pass through in our entire lifetime. Just 24yrs brings back so many memories, imagine the whole of life……

I just felt like posting this blog..cause i wanted to share how i felt about the last 24yrs in my life. I am sure most of us feel similar about our pasts. This is just the beginning…there’s still a lot more to go. So hang on and fasten your seat belts friends!!!!!!!!


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