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Outer Space

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It was 2 am. I was sleeping like a log. Then suddenly a earth shaking sound opens my eyes. I stare numbly and in disbelief as my roof is shattered into a million pieces as they float away into the sky. Next was my turn. I started floating up into the air with my blanket still on me. To prevent it from falling off, i wrap it around me. Good thing i did that because the night was chilly too. I rose horizontally through the just disappeared roof to a scenic height which gave an astounding mind-blowing view of the city. Now the anti-gravity turned me to a vertical standing position. A gust of wind blew the blanket of me making me shiver. I could have enjoyed the view better if i got used to the alien feeling far quickly. Then i started rising in a projectile with increased momentum and in an instant reached supersonic speed. I wondered whether i left a blast of fire behind me. I started rising higher moving through different layers of the atmosphere. The howling of the wind sounded like Gothic chants to my ears. Breathing became harder as the oxygen began to thin out.


I closed my eyes to stop them from popping out as i was traveling like a rocket now. And then a sudden silence, and i lost total speed bringing me to a halt. I was in outer space right above earth. It was so serene and calm and celestial that it almost put me to sleep. I could see the moon shining silently and chunks of debris moving around as if they didn’t care a bit. The earth also looked silent without its usual pollution, noise and ruckus. It looked a lot more calm and greener from the outside. It was so beautiful that a thought struck me then. I instantly apologized to Mother Earth for hurting her so bad. We, the residents of earth don’t care a bit about how we utilize and misuse resources. We don’t care a bit about the environment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is our home for God’s sake!!! Would you destroy the home you are living in the same way???? No you won’t because you own it. The same way all of us collectively own earth. So please protect Mother Earth.

The next morning i rose early. I got ready for work and on the way out of the room i reminded myself to switch of the fan which was still running. Let’s increase our green footprint. Please consider the environment. I plead with everyone.


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