The Truth..

Poles are really shifting…

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Yesterday, i was watching a documentary on History Channel. Yeah, i know what you guys are thinking. It is telecasted in Hindi. Let me rephrase my sentence. I was watching a documentary on History Channel on Youtube!!!!! (No wonder Youtube is so famous..). The Documentary was about the armageddon date Dec 21, 2012. The Mayan calendar, the chinese “I-Ching”, the oracles of different cultures like Sybil, Merlin, St. John and others of the like also talked about an apocalypse in our times. Is it true???

Well, according to the documentary, what exactly happens is that our beautiful earth gets to the centre of the milky way and aligns with the sun causing its poles to interchange. This will cause all kinds of natural disasters and mass hysteria and ultimately lead to the end of the world. It is scientifically proven that the earth’s poles shift marginally every year but on that day, they will like change so rapidly to cause world mayhem.

But people have predicted the end of the world again and again but it never happened..maybe mankind has unconsciously put into place wonderful hindrances to the so called scary armageddon. Now, this time the wise and scholarly people are sure it is gonna happen. Nah!!! I don’t think so!!!! Even if it does, we can’t do anything about it!!

Such dates make wonderful books and wonderful money for authors..but somewhere in my mind sub-consciously i have a fear..a fear of watching the end…….

Note: Surprisingly, the armageddon date matches with my birth date!!! Spooky, aint it???


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