The Truth..

Hip-Hop at its best!!!

[picapp src=”3/4/a/7/Woman_and_two_f047.jpg?adImageId=6935358&imageId=5068769″ width=”234″ height=”290″ /]

These are times of Akon, Usher, Snoop Dog, 50 Cents and other hunks. But i never knew hip-hop gained so much popularity here in our own Hyderabad. Please people, i am not a racist, so i won’t refer to these guys as blacks but as hip-hops.

The story goes as follows. 2 Hip-hops had a nice time drinking in a pub and were returning back home one night. Unfortunately, one aam-dumb-idiotic MNC cab driver was coming the wrong way in his cab!!!! (Wondered who was really drunk!!!)…and crashed into these people. Actually, i think our not-so-sober friends crashed into the cab. Anyways, it is the cabbie’s mistake. The hip-hops are so frustrated that they trash up the cabbie badly (serves him right for all the rash driving he did in the past!!) and while they are still in the process, a patrol van (yeah, those gas guzzling, non-polluting vehicles) comes up to stop them.

And imagine…these hip-hops are so much in the groove that they trash up the group of police who try to stop them. However, finally our great indian police ( the unseen fourth lion), subdue them and take them to the nearest police station. But the adventure for our friends doesn’t end there!!!!!! The rappers bloody beat up all the policemen in the police station so badly that u just can’t imagine!!!!!!

Finally, they surrender at gunpoint. Ah! now it is the turn of our khaki friends!!!! They take absolute revenge. You should have seen the hip-hops on TV. Poor fellows had swollen faces.

To top it off…now we have gangs of hip-hops around the police station protesting for the release of our friends. And a lady hip-hop also slapped a photographer (the press which presses) for providing unwanted publicity.

Whew!!!!! What an adventure right in the heart of the city!!!!! Awesome!!!!


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