Experience !!

Newage Boredom

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When i was young, i used to enjoy even the slightest fun. In fact, when i was a kid, just playing would make me happy. When i was a teenager, hanging out with friends made me happy. A little further, when i was in graduation, boozing with friends and chatting with them, watching movies made me happy. But now that i am nearly 24, nothing seems to make me happy. I am all fine till when i am with my friends, watched a movie or spent time over a drink but soon some kind of boredom or depression, if we may call it begins to take over. Is it because that i have got bored of doing the same stuff over and over again or because i have grown old enough to not enjoy this stuff anymore??

Personally, i believe that i suffer from ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’. I like being childish. Actually its more of a trait than a liking. However, something is wrong. If i don’t find out soon, i am going to spend the rest of my life in newage boredom…..would appreciate it if  someone could help me!!!! Ya-ha!!!!


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