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IIMs losing their sheen??

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Recently, IIMs have been making news for multiple reasons like placements, CAT examinations, faculty salaries, possible loss of complete autonomy to name a few. But the news which interested me was that of IIMs going abroad and the opening of six new IIMs this year. The concept and idea of these reputed institutes going abroad was brought up long before Union HRD minister, Mr. Kapil Sibal took his office at the center. That was the time of Mr. Arjun Singh, former HRD minister. However, the idea was considered bad as an IIM’s motive was to nurture world-class management education in India only. But how can we know whether an institute is world-class until and unless it goes global and competes with  stalwarts like Harvard, Kellogg, Oxford, Cambridge and other ivy-league B-schools? This was the stress point of Mr. Kapil Sibal who said that IIMs need to be truly world class which can be achieved by going overseas.

I personally began to admire this visionary HRD minister. Mr. Kapil has been revolutionizing the system of education since he took up office this May. I shall dedicate a separate article on his works (i promise). But for now, lets stick to the IIMs. The other point of interest was opening up of six other IIMs this year!!!!! I was confused thinking about it for a very very long time. Will this expansion breed dilution or can the autonomy status protect against such dilution.

It is true that India needs more premier institutes both in technology and management but not at the cost of quality. Now with the new policy of allowing foreign institutes to setup shop in India, not only the existing institutes need to pull up their socks but new ones should have excellent standards to tolerate new dimensions of world education.


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