The Truth..

Rcom revealed…

[picapp src=”4/8/d/c/Telecom_Corporation_of_7819.jpg?adImageId=5768745&imageId=6669907″ width=”234″ height=”155″ /]

Parekh & Co did right in submitting their special report to DOT (Department of Telecom) about Rcom misstating its revenues and in turn evading the license fee which is calculated as a percentage of revenues. Most educated people in the business circles know how Reliance ( not only ADAG but the other half too) conduct business. Their structure and policies are always subjects of controversy as rightly justified by Mani Ratnam in his movie ‘Guru’. But there’s more to it which neither me nor anybody else can talk about. Many people have mentioned it in their autobiographies and biographies. Only an Ambani can out rightly object against pure fact which has been already submitted to the government (mind it, with their approval only). The special audit team members also say that everything has been in accordance with rules and all was well known by Rcom. Let’s see how this ends….i sincerely feel, it will end positively for Rcom because that is how it was and has been since the group’s foundation…


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