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Ravaged by floods. Now by people.

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People in the states of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh have been ravaged by floods as we all now. And they required relief which was beautifully arranged and provided by the respective governments, media, individuals and corporates alike. Now what is provided for relief? Basic food, water, clothes, vessels and cereals. All was fine in the initial rounds, then suddenly people started complaining about eating the same food everyday. Some even complain about no salt or spice in the food provided. Clothes donated are thrown away on the roadside out of complaints that they don’t fit them or they are moth eaten.

Are they people affected by national calamity or ones who are being provided basic amenities just for the sake of it?? What do they expect? Do they expect me to order a pizza for them or donate my Levi’s strauss jeans which i have recently bought in a discount sale??? No. It’s not that i don’t sympathize with people in trouble but this is heights of arrogance and ignorance!!!!!

Personally, if i was in such a situation, i would be happy and grateful for what i am receiving. After all, i have no home, no money, no shelter and rely on such relief for my survival. At least, till things come back to normalcy, i would bear with it. Amen!!!!!!


2 thoughts on “Ravaged by floods. Now by people.

  1. Ravi says:

    Distruction caused by Floods are not measurable. People lost every thing in the floods and their routine life was completly turned down mighty floods. I think they are in deep shock. Even though they dont appereciate our help now, they will realise as the time goes by.

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