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Nobel for Promise

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Yesterday was a historic day in the failure of the Nobel committee. Instead of awarding a Nobel prize for peace, they did for a promise. Mr. Obama, honorary president of the United States of America won the Nobel for peace. He says that he is both surprised and humbled. Not even, a year into his presidency, he wins this truly epic award. But does he really deserve it??? He has a flair for speeches and is an awesome orator. He is good at convincing voters and making promises. But has any of his promises actually crystallized into actual form?? Only when they do, does he deserve the Nobel prize. Not when, not even one of them have actually made substantial strides.

I guess, the Nobel committee has assumed that they would crystallize and awarded the prize in advance. Let’s wait and see.


2 thoughts on “Nobel for Promise

  1. Ravi says:

    I am following his speeches regulary. He is one of the greatest speakers in Modern world. If his speeches becomes into action i think whole world becomes paradise which we cannot even think about it now. If the nobel committee awarded a Nobel Prize based on his speeches he deserves it. Modern world needed Actions rather than speeches. I hope Noble committee will keep this in mind.

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